4 Things I Miss Most About Being Single

By: Jenn |

Being single – although sometimes lonely – has a lot of advantages and perks. Society teaches us that being married or coupled is preferable, but I disagree. Sometimes being single is the best! In honor of National Singles Week, here are the top things I miss about being single.

1. Having a bed to myself. This is probably the most ridiculous but really, I am not good at sleeping with another person. I move too much and take up more than my share of the bed, and unless someone is a really deep sleeper, my sleeping habits are less than convenient. I miss being able to starfish across the bed all night without having to worry about it!

2. More money. I just read an article about how being single is really expensive compared to being coupled, and while some of that might be true in terms of splitting the bills, I think it was far easier to budget and save money when I was on my own. As a singleton, I can decide to be a hermit in my apartment for a few weeks and eat Ramen every day in order to save up for a trip, or a ridiculously expensive pair of shoes. But as a couple, there’s more pressure to go out and be social and plan trips. While you’re presumably splitting the cost, there are still more activities that come with being one half of a duo.

3. My friends & family take priority. Before being in a relationship, I knew that if my friends were up to something fun over the weekend, I would be there. Now I have to strike a balance between my friends and his friends, and sometimes that means sacrificing fun with my friends or sacrificing fun with my man. It doesn’t always work out perfectly and sometimes I miss knowing that I only have one set of obligations to consider.

4. Secret single behavior. Thanks to Carrie Bradshaw, there are countless examples of SSB – secret single behavior. These are the weird things you do when you live alone and are single, ranging from peeing with the bathroom door open to eating string cheese and salsa for dinner to having full blown conversations with my cat. These are things I would definitely think twice about doing in front of someone else though!