Are you ready to meet your boyfriend’s family?

By: Jamie Ann |

handshakeThis past weekend was my boyfriend’s birthday. Yay birthdays, right?


Well, minus one thing – the family dinner. My boyfriend’s father wanted to take us out to dinner to celebrate which was great. We had been dating since last December and are getting ready to move in together, so it was about that time.

I had briefly met his sister and her husband before and that went well, but I had not yet met his dad. My boyfriend wanted pizza and a super casual dinner in hopes to avoid that awkward family dinner, but now with more awkward because I was there.

And me? Well, I was excited and nervous and freaking out about what I should wear and OMG his dad is going to hate me.

After it was over, we decided it went well. Conversation was a bit weird, but it would probably be even more weird if there wasn’t any awkwardness at all, right?

All in all, this got me thinking – when in a relationship (or even just dating) is it time to meet your love’s family?  Here’s what ran through my head and hopefully you can chime in with your own tips, too.

Consider how long you have been together.
Have you only been dating a few months? Or has it been years with no family contact? It might be a bit strange to bring around the girl you’ve been seeing for only a week. You don’t want it to be a revolving door of partners that your family has to meet. It will only lead to tons of annoying questions and you probably don’t want to deal with that.

Lasting relationship potential.
Do you see a future with this guy? I don’t know about you, but I’m not likely to invite my family to meet someone I have been dating unless I see some potential with this relationship. If I think he is going to be around for a long time and may want to invite to holidays and family gatherings, I’ll probably introduce them.

You aren’t totally freaking out about it.
There’s always going to be some level of nervousness when inviting someone you’re dating to meet the family, but if you are legitimately freaking the hell out and it’s causing all sorts of stress? It’s probably not the best time. Something is telling you that this isn’t right at the moment. That’s not to say the relationship is wrong or you need to break up with them – it’s just saying you need to give YOURSELF more time to feel comfortable.

You’re excited about it.
Nothing says you’re ready to let your boyfriend meet your family if you’re truly excited about it. Do you know your he and your dad will bond of their love of sci-fi movies? And your brother will immediately want to drag him to play video games? Your mom won’t stop talking about how wonderful he is because you just seem so happy? Yeah, it’s probably time.

Always keep in mind though, sometimes it doesn’t matter if your family approves or meets them. As long as you are happy and your significant other is happy – you’re golden. Don’t worry about added stress if you don’t want to. Things will happen as they should and whenever you’re ready.

There are no rules – go with your gut.