7 Signs He’ll Be Great In Bed

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Couple in bed

Some might think that you can’t really tell if a guy will be good in the sack or not until you’re actually in the middle of getting busy…but we don’t think that is the case at all.  Think about it-all day long, our body language and interpersonal skills show the world what kind of person we are…and what kind of lover we are.  Here are ten ways to tell if a guy will be great in bed…or not.

1. His online dating profile shows him smiling and having FUN.  Not somber, emo, or too artsy…guys who are good in bed know it’s all about having a good time.

2. He’s generous.  With his patience, time, money, whatever…if he’s a giver, he’ll be most likely to GIVE in other situations, if you know what we mean.

3. He’s confident.  Confidence is crucial in bed, nothing is sexier than a guy with the ehem, balls, to take risks and make sure that his woman is enjoying herself.

4. He’s powerful.  Ok, not like scary powerful, but a guy who is held in high esteem outside of the bedroom means that he’s proven himself time and time again, probably has excellent follow through skills, and possibly looks really hot in a suit.

5. He isn’t afraid to get dirty.  Guys who roll up their sleeves and get to work without any hesitation are the kind of guys I find desperately sexy.  I want a man with that kind of perseverance and attention to detail in my bed…right now!

6. He is thoughtful and caring.  These qualities might not scream “SEX” to you right away, but men who aren’t afraid of showing their emotions are more likely to know the difference and importance of both sex and sensuality.  Sometimes a girl needs a cuddle, what can I say…

7. He doesn’t brag about his skills.  Have you ever noticed that the guys who talk about how great they are, how big they are or how much he’ll turn you on never really measure up in reality?  A man who knows he’s fantastic in bed doesn’t need to talk about it-he’ll show you, and you won’t have any questions about it!