6 Things Men Need to Stop Doing Online Immediately

By: Jenn |


Women may be guilty of making these 5 mistakes online, but men are definitely not off the hook. Their online presence could be improved dramatically, from dating websites to Facebook etiquette and Twitter behavior. So let’s take some of the heat off the ladies and focus on what the gentlemen can do to improve their online actions.

No more shirtless photos. The shirtless-cell phone-mirror picture is the dude equivalent of the duck face. We know that you took that picture of yourself just to show off your muscles and/or tattoos, and that’s a huge turnoff. I have yet to meet a woman who is impressed by those photos so spare us all the eye-rolling and keep your shirt on. And have someone else take the photo, ok?

No more abbreviations! For the love of god, please stop typing like Ryan Lochte. You are not an Olympic champion and you do not get to make up words like #jeah. THAT IS NOT A WORD. Spell like a grown up. Remember that punctuation exists. Capitalization is your friend. Just because social media is a casual way to communicate does not mean that you can forget everything you learned in 4th grade writing class. Intelligence is sexy, even online.

Stop tweeting at famous athletes. Or celebrities. Why are you wasting your time tweeting at Chad Johnson? I’m pretty sure he is not going to reply so let’s just cool it with the fan boy obsession. It’s a little disconcerting to scroll through someone’s feed and discover it’s a shrine to your belief that Dane Cook is the greatest comedian of all time. OF ALL TIME!

You are a giant cliche. Oh, so you’re looking for a partner in crime? You work hard but also play hard? You like staying in on a Friday night but also going out? Congratulations, you are just like 99.9% of the population! Gentlemen, it’s time to get creative because this generic crap is no longer cutting it. Take a risk, show your personality, and be unique.

Stop complaining about women. Or women’s products. Hey guess what? Sometimes women get cramps. It’s because sometimes women also have periods, and because women make up 50% of the population, women’s products are a huge part of consumerism. Tampons are advertised on tv, so get over it. These things matter to us and if you’re even remotely sensitive or attuned to that, you’ll think twice before making a snarky comment about seeing yet another feminine hygiene product on tv. Same goes for actual periods on tv (looking at you, Sally Draper.)

You’re not actually a thug or a bro. Listen, you grew up in suburban Ohio. I get that rap music is a universal thing, but your mom buys your clothes at Gap and you have a membership at the country club. I’m not buying this “I’m so street because I listen to underground rap music” persona and neither is anyone else. Quit quoting rappers in your status updates because no one wants to hear it. And let’s knock it off with the gold chains and grills and pull those 1969 denim jeans up to where they belong.

What are some other things men should stop doing online?