5 Under Appreciated Things About Dating

By: Simone Paget |

When we’re out there in the dating world, it’s so easy to get consumed with “results” (ie. meeting “The One”) that we forget to “stop and smell the roses” so to speak. Sometimes we need a little reminder that dating, like life, is “about the journey, not the destination.” If it feels like you keep striking out and are having more bad dates than good ones, here are a few benefits of dating that we often forget about:

1. Dating is a chance to meet new people: In life, it’s important to put yourself out there. I think it was a wise sage named Keanu Reeves that once gave the following pep talk: “The most important part of life is showing up.” Sure, it may feel like you’re not meeting Mr. or Miss Right, but the important part is that you’re trying. You’re out there. You’re practicing your dating skills. Eventually this will lead to something. Even if an encounter doesn’t lead to romance, there’s always the chance you’ll make some new friends. Maybe that guy you went out with last week (you know, the one with the bad comb-over and polyester track suit) won’t be your next BFF.. but it could happen! It’s just a matter of “showing up” and staying positive.

2. You learn what you like and don’t like: Embrace dating as a learning experience. It may seem like you’re going on endless dates with no real results however, through this process you are learning what you really want in a partner. For example, that bad date you had with the person who spent dinner listing all the faults of their parents, may teach you that what you’re really looking for is someone who is family minded. Going out with Mr. Bald-Spot in a track-suit might make you realize that you need to stop picking up guys at the impound lot.  See, dating can teach you stuff if you let it!

3. Free Food: Okay, okay, I know this sounds completely shallow but it’s kind of true. My friend has a policy that she “only dates when she’s hungry” It’s totally not cool to use people but she does have a point. Even if the date is totally horrible, if you’re female and your date is a gentleman, you’ve probably at least got a free steak out of the deal.  (Or, if you’re not so lucky, a free order or food court chow mein.)

4. Bad Dates = Good Stories:  Dating disasters always make for great stories. Try to keep a sense of humour when it comes to dating. If things go horribly wrong, just think of it as fodder for that book you’re going to write someday and enjoy sharing the crazy story with your friends over drinks.

5. It reminds us of how far we’ve come: Hindsight is always 20/20. When you do meet the right person, you’ll be able to look back on all your dating failures and think “Wow, look how far I’ve come!” It’s a good feeling. Trust me.