4 Ways You Know You Need a Dating Break

By: Jenn |


After 6 months of online dating, the novelty and excitement has started to wear off. It seems as though the pattern repeats itself: get a message from someone interesting; get your hopes up about them being fun in real life; meet them in real life and be disappointed; repeat. Sprinkle in the tiresome and boring messages from other people, and that’s just a recipe for burn-out. So here’s a list of ways you may know you need a break from online dating:

1. You find yourself going days without logging in. Everyone knows that online dating takes time and commitment and when that commitment starts to slip, you know your priorities are elsewhere.

2. Days go by before you reply to a message. Even when it’s someone interesting, you forget all about it until days later when you see the notification again. You’re left half-heartedly apologizing for the delay, but it happens again and again.

3. You complain to your friends – ALL THE TIME. Talking to friends about dating is normal and it’s even fun when you have a story to share or you start to like someone. But when they start rolling their eyes at you and questioning why you’re still putting yourself out there like this, it might be time to reevaluate.

4. You would rather stay at home on a Friday night and watch tv with your cat than go out on another first date. This is probably the biggest indicator that perhaps dating isn’t your thing right now. When you choose jammies and felines over human interaction, there’s probably something wrong.

There’s no shame in taking a break from the online dating game. Relax for a few months and when you feel ready again, jump back in. Your attitude will be better and the pool of suitors has likely changed as well. It’s a chance at a fresh start!

What was the final straw for you with online dating?