Opposites Of Extreme Dating

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Romantic Encounters Only

Celibacy has become increasingly common worldwide, not just in religious circles but among young people, celebs, even married couples. Some people may be uninterested in sex, or want to wait until they are married, while others may be physically unable to do the deed. Whatever the reason, there are now plenty of dating sites that provide opportunities to meet like-minded individuals who don’t have sex as a hidden agenda.

2date4love.com was created by Laura Brashier, who was left unable to enjoy sex after her bout with cervical cancer. This dating site enables people who cannot engage in sexual intercourse to meet and experience love, companionship and intimacy. Since the site went live in August 2011, 10,000 people have visited and more than 2,000 have signed up.

The Casual Sex Seeker

For those people who want to mix the experience of dating with the excitement of being single, then try OnlineBootyCall.com, where members adhere to “Booty Call Commandments” like, “thou shalt get out before the sun rises” and “thou shalt refrain from referring to our activities as Love Making”.

“Stop wasting your time on dating sites full of stuffy singles looking for their soul mate. Instead, save money by forgoing horrible blind dates and expensive drinks at bars or nightclubs. Discover the magic of booty calls. It’s time to get what you want, with whom you want, and when you want it.”

The site celebrated when they reached the 2 million member mark – with only one confirmed report of marriage.

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Only Beautiful People Should Apply

Beautifulpeople.com recently came under fire when it ousted 5,000 members for not being beautiful enough. The site has a strict ban on ugly people, and issued a news release saying the cuts were made after many members posted photographs of themselves looking plump after the Christmas holidays. “Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model,” said the site’s founder, Robert Hintze.

To become a member, applicants are required to be voted in by existing members of the opposite sex. Members rate new applicants over a 48 hour period, based on whether or not they find the applicant ‘beautiful’. Recent figures have revealed that five-out of-six applicants (83 per cent) have been turned away. Ouch!

Ugly Bugs Find Love

If you’re ugly and looking for love, then The Ugly Bug Ball dating website might be for you. “Aren’t you sick of all the twee lovey dovey dating sites that show perfectly pretty people walking hand in hand on a wind swept beach. We know it never turns out like that – at T.U.B.B. we deal in reality.”

The Ugly Bug Ball has just celebrated its first engagement! Self-confessed ‘great personalities’ Tom Clifford and Janine Walker plan to marry in December, following a whirlwind online romance.

“I always thought that I was too ugly to meet Mrs. Right but my life changed when I met Janine. She’s beautiful and I love her in every possible way. I still can’t believe this is happening,” said 36-year-old carpet fitter Mr Clifford. Shop assistant Janine agreed. ‘I appreciate that Tom isn’t Brad Pitt – but then I’m no Angelina Jolie either.”

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To Love, Honour, and Obey

Looking to get hitched? New online dating site MarryMeAlready.com says it aims to eliminate daters looking for one-night stands or casual relationships and instead unite singles interested in long-term commitments. Josh Black, who launched the dating site in December of 2011, said he wanted to create a site geared toward “marriage-minded individuals.”

“We believe that a more effective model for online dating is to start with the most important thing to you, and in our case, it’s what type of relationship you are looking for,” Black said. “We have a sincerity pledge when you sign up for our site and you commit to being interested in looking for a serious relationship that could lead toward marriage.”

A Little Bit On the Side

If you are married and fancy an extramarital fling or a discreet affair, then there are dating sites that can help. The Ashley Madison Agency believes that, “Life Is Short. Have An Affair”, and even offers an “Affair Guarantee”, where users can apply to get a refund for their three month subscription if they have not found someone.

There are lots of ways to minimize the risk of being caught by your spouse or someone you know. The site provides guided tutorials, and has a tips section, where Ashley Madison offers advice for successful encounters. There is even a “Panic Button” that can be used if you need to quickly ‘escape’ the Ashley Madison main screen, without logging out of your account.

The site currently has over 14,670,000 anonymous members!

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Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

For many athletic singles, living an active and healthy lifestyle isn’t just a choice, but a way of life. Many fitness singles struggle to meet like-minded partners who share their commitment to cycling, running, hiking or some other fitness passion.

FitnessSingles.com is the world’s largest online dating community for sports and fitness enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a “fitness date,” exercise friends, or a workout partner, this site provides a fun, private and secure environment to meet fit, athletic singles. You can find a wide range of people with many fitness-related interests including
sports, personal training, endurance, and outdoor activities.

Size is Just a Number

Whitney Thompson, winner of the reality competition America’s Next Top Model in 2008, first decided to launch the online venture because she saw an opportunity to correct the misconceptions that many plus-size women face when navigating the dating world. It’s exclusively aimed at women who are fiercely proud of having a voluptuous body, women who are self-confident, healthy and sexy – and at the many men who are looking for them.

Thompson shares a welcome message: “I created this site for real women with real curves…looking for real pleasure. And guys, I don’t have to tell you this site is the best place to meet all of your needs. Spend a little time talking to these sexy ladies and I know you’ll be satisfied.”

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Bring Your Handcuffs!

If you’re a police officer looking for romance, or if you’re a civilian interested
in dating a police officer, then there dating websites that offer opportunities to
meet likeminded singles. PoliceSingles.com is a dating site that is designed for people who understand the unusual shifts that people in the emergency service have, as well as the pressures of the job.

Some people may be attracted to uniform dating for a different reason. Not only do people look sexy in a uniform, but they come with their own set of handcuffs. Handy!

Fun Loving Criminals

A new website hopes to bridge the gap between criminals behind bars and the outside world. Meet-An-Inmate.com lists hundreds of photo personals of inmates looking to share intimate letters with just the right stranger. It works just like the other dating sites with pictures of the men and
women accompanied by a 250-word personal ad. The profiles listed include details like height, religion, sexual preferences, release date and their Department of Corrections numbers (users can search for a criminal’s history with the digits) but the reasons for them being in prison are often excluded.

‘These inmates have nothing but time on their hands and can’t wait to hear from you,’ the site reads. ‘Even though these men and women are in prison, it doesn’t mean that they are bad individuals. The majority of these inmates are fun, loving, clever, reliable, sexy and very passionate.’

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Biker Lovers

Harley Connect was specifically created to bring Harley lovers together. However, the website also caters to riders of Yamahas, Hondas, BMWs and any other popular bike on the road today. The primary common denominator is that all the members of the Harley Connect community love to ride, and they want to find other eligible singles with whom to share their passion. There are plenty of profiles to choose from, and the website is easy to navigate. The focus is on bringing bikers together, both for friendship and love.

“This is an avenue for biker friends and singles to know each other and share their passion for motorcycles and riding experiences. Sign up today for a head start and find other like minded bikers looking for love, friendship and a connected social life.”

Fancy a Fling in a Haystack?

A passion for equestrianism can last a lifetime and may be important to a person than anything or anyone else, so it makes sense to look for love online in a dating site devoted to those who share the same outlook. Equestrian singles, horse & country sports lovers, farmers, farriers, vets and all rural romantics can all find countryside love and friendship online. One site, lovehorse.co.uk understands that the experience of horse riding can be even more
rewarding when one has a partner with whom to share his or her love.

“It can be rare to find someone who understands why one would want to be with their horse at every available moment even if those moments include mucking out and shifting hay in the early hours and in all weathers.”

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“Live Long and Prosper”

Whether you are a Trekker, Trekkie, or Jedi, we wish that you “Love Long and Prosper” and “May the Force (of Love) be with you!”. TrekPassions.com is the Sci Fi social networking community and dating site for lovers of all things Star Trek and Star Wars etc., where you can find others who share your passion for Sci Fi.

Whether you prefer conventional dates or Sci Fi conventions, singles looking for love
will have the best excuses to put on their Federation jumpsuits, Jedi robe, and Vulcan ears. Watch out guys – imagine an eveing spent with your dream date dressed up in a Princess Leah slave outfit or a skimpy little Trekkie number with plunging neckline!

Passionate for Labcoats

Haven’t met your Einstein or Hypatia yet? If you
are passionate about Science, then dating and romance can be difficult to combine. When
you finally do meet someone whom you find attractive, personable, and
engaging, it’s heartbreaking to realize that you have a basic
incompatibility in your love of science. Scientificsingles.com was developed to solve this sort of problem, and connects scientists, science enthusiasts, and science hobbyists for dating, chat, and friendships!

“Meeting single people who share your interest in science just got a lot easier! All skill levels and scientific pursuits welcome ~ from Astronomy to Zoology! Meet a geek right here at Scientific Singles! Find a date, a friend, or a scientific conversation in the chat room.”

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D.N.A. L.O.V.E.

A couple of genetic testing companies are promising to match couples based on the DNA testing, touting the benefits of biological compatibility.The companies claim that a better biological match will mean better sex, less cheating, longer-lasting love, and perhaps even healthier children. For $2,000, you can join this exclusive dating site, and
you will be matched with someone who is “genetically compatible” with you. Yes, you’ll need to provide the company with a DNA sample first.

“How many dating services can you think of where they can suggest you might have better children?” said Eric Holzle, founder of ScientificMatch.com.

Soul Mates and Kindred Spirits

Naini Nakagawa intuitively understood there was a spiritual void in the current approach to determining authentic compatibility. To transform the parameters and paradigms of online dating, she created and launched Match My Spirit in September 2010. This is a website for spiritual singles and holistic networking, it is the only site that embraces all world religions and traditions aligning members with individuals who share similar spiritual beliefs.

“By ‘spiritual path,’ we mean that people are matched according to their affinity for a certain type of spiritual teaching or teacher,” says Nakagawa. For example, she strongly encourages removing toxic people from your life, keeping your spiritual path a top priority and building a friendship with a person of interest for at least six months before dating.

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