3 Great Over 50’s Date Ideas

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Dating at this stage of your life isn’t much different from dating when you were a teenager or in your twenties. No matter what age you are, the best dates are the ones where you and your date are able to talk and get to know one other and connect on a deeper level. Choosing the right date destination is crucial in starting off on the right foot. Here are our picks for the best over 50’s date ideas.

1. Dinner and a movie. You’ve probably heard that taking someone to dinner and to see a movie is the worst date option ever, but for over 50’s daters, it’s actually the opposite! Going to see a movie that interests the both of you will give you plenty of things to talk about over dinner afterwards. Ask each other what your favorite parts were, who the best actors were…anything! Talking about a movie will easily morph into discussions about your own lives. The best dates don’t always mean you have to be out and about, doing something crazy. Sometimes low key and traditional work like a charm.

2. Just dance. Though you might have to look a bit, there are many places that cater to over 50’s daters and dancing. Ignore the loud, rowdy dance clubs that are on every street corner and hunt down a church, school or senior community that offers a dancing or activity schedule.

3. A walk and a picnic. Do you live nearby a beautiful botanical garden or park? Or maybe even an art gallery? Any place where you can hold your dates hand and walk, talking about your surroundings and sharing experiences is a great place for a date. If the weather permits, bring along a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine and some cheese and sit down for an impromptu picnic in the grass. If it’s rainy, seek shelter in a cute bistro and grab lunch.

Over 50’s dates don’t need to be extravagant or expensive. Keep it simple and as always, be yourself!