5 Dating Responsibilities Reserved Only for Relationships

By: Jenn |

As far as relationship responsibilities go, there are some things I’ve identified as being specifically Girlfriend (or Boyfriend) Duties. These tasks, though not mandatory, should only be expected of someone you are in a relationship with and not necessarily someone you are only casually dating. Feel free to add to this list in the comments!

1. Taking care of my significant other when they are sick. This is a big one for me. Until we are serious about our relationship, I am happy to let you overcome that cold or strep throat in the privacy of your own home. It takes a certain level of commitment to willingly expose myself to infectious germs and I’m probably not ready to do that until we’ve put a label on this.

2. Attending events as your date where I will be expected to meet all of your friends and maybe your family. I’m an awesome wedding date and I know it may be tempting, but please spare me the emotional anxiety of being introduced to your friends as “this girl you’ve been seeing” instead of “my girlfriend” – it makes me uncomfortable and I’m pretty sure your friends aren’t sure how to respond either. Don’t even get me started on meeting your family this way.

3. Doing your laundry. If you leave a pair of socks at my place and I’m doing my own laundry, of course I will throw the socks in with my clothes. But doing ALL of your laundry because you’ve had a busy week at work and you didn’t have time? That’s a Girlfriend Thing.

4. Helping you work through ex-girlfriend issues. Look, we all have relationship histories with varying amounts of residual damage and I am more than happy to share our heartbreak and lessons learned, but let’s hold off on that until we’re officially in a relationship. Otherwise it just gets to be too much.

5. Introducing you to my friends. This might only be specific to me, but it’s unlikely that I will introduce you to my friends before I know if I’m really into you or not. Partially because I like to figure things out for myself before asking others for input and partially because I see my friends so rarely due to our busy schedules that when I do¬†get the chance to see them, I want to spend it with them. It’ll take a really special person to make me want to sacrifice that!

What are other relationship-only items you could add to this list?