What To Do About The Male Shortage For Women Over 50

By: Elizabeth Marie |


There are so many women who hold onto the unwavering belief there’s absolutely no “good men” out there to date anymore. They truly believe they’re all taken so they stop dating and start complaining about the male dating shortage out there! To them, someone has to be perfect in so many ways or they aren’t worthy of a date.

To set the record straight, there are still plenty of great men out there to date but it can take both your time and your patience for a good one to come into your life. Believe it or not, your chances of finding a good man are getting better everyday.

According to a recent AARP study, divorce is rampant and on the rise in the Boomer generation and older. That means lots of new men are coming onto the dating scene daily for you to choose from.

Believing there are no good men out there to date, will hold your dating life back and keep you from digging a little deeper into finding what it is you really want- the hidden treasure you’re looking for, the “Quality Man” who is out there waiting for you.

Have you ever watched a show called “Antiques Roadshow” on PBS? The premise of the show is to see if the riches you’ve found in grandma’s attic hold any value. People bring in some of the dumpiest, most God-awful looking items that turn out to be invaluable treasures.

Other times someone comes in with the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen and you think this gem has to be worth a lot of money yet it turns out to be worthless and has no value whatsoever except for its beauty to the eye.

This is also a good analogy when it comes to choosing men to date. If we had our choice, we’d probably date only the most gorgeous and handsome men around. Some of that comes from the days of our youth when the first thing we noticed about a guy was how cute he was. Now as a woman over 50 are you still using good looks as the main criteria for choosing the men you will date?

It is true; we are all attracted to nice looking people. In fact, we’ll often ignore men we think have the wrong haircut, glasses, or clothes without even seeing the great man that might be underneath all of that.

Be careful when choosing men to date based solely on their looks. The man who is handsome can turn out to be mean, arrogant or even worse totally uncaring about everyone but himself. Yet as you get to know the ok looking man, he just might grow on you and become quite handsome in your eyes.

Even with his average looks, with all he has going for him in so many areas of his life, he could turn out to be the best boyfriend you’ve ever had. And all you have to do is give “Average Looking Joe’s” a chance. You’ll end the male dating shortage in your life plus you just might find that treasure of a man you’ve been looking for.