Online Dating 101-How To Introduce Someone New To Your Inner Circle

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Welcome back to our Online Dating 101 series! If you’re new to the blog, get caught up with the rest of the series below!

The process of online dating goes well beyond the computer.  Many people keep their online dating persona a secret from their “real life” friends and family, at least in the beginning.  We don’t want to be judged or feel like we need to listen to everyone and their opinions.  But what happens when you meet someone online that you want to bring into your real world?  Here are the best ways to bridge the gap from online to off.

1. Don’t make it a big deal.  The best way to make the person you’re dating feel uncomfortable is to make a huge fuss over them and refer to them as “the person you met on the internet.” There is no reason you need to classify your relationship.  If you like each other, you like each other-plain and simple. Throwing around too much information about online dating can backfire because other people might, unfortunately, have preconceived misconceptions about relationships that begin online.  Don’t give them any ammo!

2. Don’t rush it.  When you meet someone great, it’s natural that you’ll want to let your friends and family meet them too!  You want to share your good fortune! But hold off until you’re sure that this person is in it for the long haul.  You should treat your inner circle as something that needs to be protected, not to mention there is no reason to get them all excited about a new man too soon.

3. Take it slow.  Your new love interest might not become close buddies with your family right away, and they might even have a difficult time meshing with your inner circle.  Don’t give up.  It can be incredibly intimidating to be the new man or woman in town, and things might just take some time.  Once your friends and family see how happy you are though, they will warm up to him or her in no time at all.