The Most Frustrating Part of Online Dating

By: Jenn |

This is my third round of online dating in as many years, and I find myself consistently frustrated by the same things: men who write terrible messages, men who keep messaging and messaging without making any move to meet up in person, men who are downright offensive in the things they say. But one thing keeps coming back to me as the biggest frustration: people are boring.

That’s right – I read profile after profile and they all sound the same and I am BORED.

Every profile is the same. There is a dearth of creativity and originality, and I think it stems from laziness.

Profiles don’t write themselves. We’ve covered it here and shown you ways to write an amazing online dating profile, but it’s still a problem. I wish people would put a little more effort into showcasing their personalities – it would save us all a lot of time in trying to get to know someone!

And I really don’t think it’s that difficult. Sure, everyone has to fill out the same questions, but if I see another person who answers “The Most Private Thing I’m Willing to Admit” with a variation of “Well if I admitted it, it wouldn’t be very private”, I might scream.

Do you know what a good answer to that is? The fact that you’ve seen Never Say Never. Or the fact that up until recently you thought guacamole was made from a fruit called guac-a-moles and not avocado. Or even the fact that you once lost a bet and had to post a video of you singing “Defying Gravity” from Wicked. Those are good private things to admit, but refusing to answer the question is lame. No one is charmed by that.

I am sure men and women are equally as guilty of this, but come on people – putting a little effort into your answers and highlighting your personality will go a long way in the online dating world!