Dating Advice To Tell Your Younger Self

By: Marielo Gomez |

Ever looked back at your dating life and squirmed at the situations you endured?
With age comes wisdom and the saying, ‘you live and you learn’ has never been clearer in the light of dating, that being said- can you imagine how different things would be if we all had an older, guardian angel to whisper advice into our little teenage ears?

We’ve decided a dating time machine might be the best way to go about this, to guide everyone in the right direction and save us all a lot of confusion, heartbreak and red cheeks! Whilst we’re still working on the tech behind such a life changing piece of machinery, I thought it would be a good idea to take to the streets of London and ask you ladies what exactly you would tell your younger self!

“I would tell her that young life shouldn’t be spent trying to fall in love, to save all the relationship stuff for later.”

Whilst you’re young you should be having fun with your friends and being selfish in your commitments and plans. Relationships can get extremely messy when there’s feelings involved and you’ve got your whole life to be worry about serious stuff! Enjoy the freedom of your youth, whilst you’ve still got it!

“Stop worrying about being the only one who hasn’t *done it*”

I had a big friendship group of confident, flirtatious girls who all had their first experiences early on. I felt an enormous amount of pressure to hook up with a guy, I remember being really upset because I couldn’t join in with their conversations. I’d laugh it off with them but it made me conscious, I wish I could’ve gone back and told myself to stop worrying!


“If he has a pretty face, he probably won’t have a pretty heart!”

When I started uni I met the most gorgeous boy ever, he seemed interested in me too which I couldn’t really understand but went along with it! He was always messing me around and treated me so badly but I kept forgiving him because I thought he was so perfect, turns out the only thing that was perfect was his face! It just goes to show, looks really don’t matter!


“Just because you miss an ex boyfriend doesn’t mean you should get back together.”

When my boyfriend and I broke up I was totally fine but I felt a bit lonely, I saw him again a few months later and we got on just like we used to so agreed to get back together, I only got back with him because I didn’t like being alone, not because I wanted him.  All of the reasons for the break up were still there and I just had to go through it all again. You just need to readjust to being more independent, once you get through that it’s fine! Don’t go running back!


“Don’t leave your box of paracetamol in the reach of your boyfriend’s dog.”

I was staying at my boyfriends and came down with a stinking cold, I left my paracetamol on the sofa whilst I was eating dinner and came back to a chewed up box and a mischievous looking pup. Luckily a family friend of his owns a vet and we got straight to an emergency appointment but I’m pretty sure I saw my life flash before my eyes. Can you imagine if I killed his dog? We’re still together but Pippa his Dachshund has never looked at me in the loving way she used to..


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“You will find someone better.”

I remember my first love, when it ended I cried solidly for about a month, I didn’t want to eat and I couldn’t listen to any music without relating it back to him. I was such a state and truly thought I would never meet anyone better. Forward 5 years, I’m engaged to someone else who is the best man in the world. It just goes to show, no matter how heartbroken you are, there will always be someone better! What’s meant to be, will be!


“Long distance relationships won’t work.”

I’ve tried long distance relationships 3 times. Ipswich, Exeter and France. It always starts out romantic and with good intentions but it’s just not maintainable, (unless you’re wonderwoman) I don’t think it’s worth the stress, relationships should be fun and spontaneous. If you’re living two separate lives it’s hard to keep things naturally flowing and you miss out on the finer details of having a companion. It’s been made easier with FaceTime and Skype but it will never compare to spending time with the person.

“Don’t be intimidated!”

I went on a date with a guy that I really fancied and instantly turned into a mute. I don’t know what happened but I was so intimidated by him! He was doing all the talking and I was just nodding along staring at him in awe! I wish I could go back and just be my normal self with him. I got the “I had fun the other night but timings aren’t good for me right now” text a few days later. Nightmare.

“Don’t get too drunk on a date.”

I went on a date with this really cute guy, I was nervous so had a few drinks whilst I got ready, I then stupidly tried to keep up with his drinking pace and before I knew it, I was horribly drunk, I told him I needed the toilet but I went to the bar and bought two bags of crisps to try and sober myself up. Munching a pack of Walkers in the pub toilet was not how I imagined my evening.


“Don’t ditch your friends when you get a boyfriend”

I learnt the hard way! I met a boy and totally ditched my friends, I just wanted to be with him all the time and I became really distant with my friends. They soon stopped inviting me to things and it wasn’t until after I broke up with him I realised how far I had pushed everyone away. It was the biggest lesson I learnt from the relationship.


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