6 Things You Should Never Talk About On A First Date

By: Katy Horwood |

6 Things You Should Never Talk About on a First Date 

First dates can be tricky for anyone, after the initial online connection (because let’s be honest, who meets in real life anymore?) Actually getting together can be nerve-wracking for even the most hardened of online daters.

Got past the initial awkward introductions, find you have chemistry and want to put your money on a second date?

6 things you should categorically avoid discussing if you don’t want to scare you date away …


Ah the old favourite. kids, babies, infants, nephews and nieces – basically any living being under four foot tall.

*Never* under any circumstances, bring up the subject of babies – not even in ‘my friend had a baby on the weekend’ kind of way.

Men won’t think, ah that’s nice, her friend had a baby on the weekend – men will think OMFG, get me out of here, this women wants a baby and she wants one now.


It’s a tricky one and a trap I have often seen women fall into – men asking the question and women ‘harmlessly’ replying.

What are you looking for?

Should you be asked this question, be on guard, it is a trick. Your date is making polite conversation. He doesn’t really want to know what you are looking for and he definitely doesn’t want to know that you are looking for a long-term relationship or, *shudders*… marriage.


Reign it in, would you.

This is a first date, not an interview for a possible life-long spouse. Talking about marriage doesn’t make you look open to possibilities it makes you look like a psycho, happy to take the first offer that comes her way.

What a ball-breaker you are at work 

I know, I know, throw the feminist handbook at me – why shouldn’t a women brag about her career! Yes, sure, spend the evening detailing your rise to the top, not intimidating at all – but if you want your date to feel relaxed and comfortable, I’d suggest you save the mass-sacking episode you volunteered yourself for last week, until you knew each other a bit better.

Deli belly 

Despite having a reputation for lacking in imagination – when it comes to any graphic bodily details from the diarrhoea you had from a dodgy prawn in India to the Botox you had injected under your arms to stop you sweating – men’s imaginations will run wild and haunt them for the entire evening.

 By all means roll out some funny anecdotes, just makes sure they’re not full of s**t. 


Now, make no mistake, I love banging on about ex’s on a date, but know your limits. By all means mention the fact you have had a boyfriend in your life and this isn’t the first date you have ever been on but just remember that detailing the amazing holiday you once went on together or how great he was in bed is unlikely to get you past the first date.

On a positive note, after all this, if you are struggling to think of something to talk about – talk about them, Nothing intrigues a man more than a conversation about himself.

Boom, who said dating was difficult.

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