What to Wear on a First Date

By: Elizabeth Marie |

The Dilemma!
It may be a blind date or a date with someone you’ve had your eye on for months. The question is: what do you wear? If you wear something too posh, will you be thought to be desperate? If you don’t bother at all, will you be thought to be a slob?  If you go middle of the road, will your date think that you didn’t put in enough effort?

The Short Answer…
The short answer is to dress appropriately for the venue. It’s not good dressing to the nines if you’re going to be meeting at a coffee shop, or arriving in casual jeans if you’re going to formal dance. Outside of being a slap in the face to your date, it’s simply bad manners!

The Longer Answer…
The most important part of dressing is good grooming. Grooming means you’ve had a bath or a shower, have clean, neatly combed hair, clean hands and nails, polished shoes, and have on clean, pressed clothes. Even if your dress is not quite right, the fact that you are well groomed will speak volumes.

The Longest Answer…
Here are a list of considerations to apply when dressing for your first date.

  • Be well groomed. That means arranging ahead of time that you will have sufficient time to take a bath or shower, and to make sure your clothes are clean. If you need a haircut, get one.
  • Find out what is worn at the venue you will be attending. Take that as a general guide for your selection of clothing. Even if your date is not dressed appropriately, you will be.
  • If your date has not told you where you will be going, dress smart casual. This could mean freshly pressed slacks – not blue jeans – with a nice top, and a smart jacket. If the venue is more formal, the lady could add a pair of earrings. The gentleman might change from a pair of casual shoes to a more formal pair.
  • If the first occasion happens to be a very formal affair, more care is needed than for a first casual coffee shop meet. Understated is better than overstated. While the ladies may enjoy being the belle of the ball, on a first date, when getting to know someone, it’s better to be elegant (that little black dress) than flamboyant. Flamboyance, on the first date, could say rather too much that might not want to be said! Guys, of course, would stick with the tux.

The Finer Points…

  • A dash of fragrance adds a finishing touch. For the guys this means a dab of cologne or some nice shaving lotion. For the ladies, this means something almost invisible, but very definitely there. Piling on jugs of perfume is a big no-no!
  • Underwear is still important, even on that first date. Men – don’t wear the lucky pair with the hole where it’s not supposed to be. And ladies, do wear that special purchase you bought six months ago for a special occasion. You never know!

So there you have it – now you know what to wear there’s no excuse for not arranging that first online dating meet! 😉