5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Sex

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Of all the many reasons to have sex, doing it for health benefits never really makes the list! However, sex really does do a body good…here are 5 health benefits of sex that might surprise you!

1. Having sex can make you look prettier!  When women have sex, their body produces extra estrogen-double what they would have otherwise. Estrogen is known as the fountain of youth for women, and it makes your hair shinier and your skin smoother!  So ladies, consider sex the ultimate beauty makeover-I know I will be.

2. Sex can keep you healthy! Often when you’re super busy or stressed, sex is the first thing that gets pushed aside.  But wait-before you go lamenting that you’re “too tired for sex” consider this-sex actually lowers your blood pressure which in turn, lowers your stress levels.  In addition, getting busy under the covers on a regular basis increases your bodies production of antibodies which help fight off colds and flu!  Do it for your health!

3. Sex makes you sleep better!  Have you ever been annoyed when you were ready for round two but your partner passes out cold on the pillow next to you?  You can’t really blame him-after sex, hormones that induce sleep and promotes a calm state of mind are released, making it nearly impossible to resist drifting off into a dream like slumber!

4. Sex burns calories! Forget going for a long run…have sex instead! 30 minutes of sex burns roughly 90 calories, which might not sound like much but can certainly add up over time!  Much better workout than a session at the gym, right?

5. Sex makes you more confident! When you feel deeply connected and desired by someone, your self esteem soars.  Sex also promotes a feeling of knowing what you like and what you want from a partner, and the ability to express these things naturally makes you feel better about yourself. Plus, when you’re naked and contorted into some weird position, you better feel confident-or fake it, at least!