15 Things Men Can Do To Make Themselves More Attractive

By: Alicia Drewnicki |

Eligible bachelors – believe it or not, you don’t have to have the looks David Gandy or Ryan Gosling to be sexy. The rippling muscles of Arnold Schwarzenegger aren’t a neccessity either.

Let’s face it, not every man in the world looks in the mirror and sees ‘the ultimate love God’, but there are plenty of things you can do to heighten your desirability factor.

Here are 15 things that you do or wear that make you even more sexy.

1) Play a musical instrument or sing
There’s something about a guy with a talent that drives women wild. Just look at Ed Sheeran – he’s not got rugged model looks, but as soon as he starts to perform, every woman in the room starts to swoon. Don’t underestimate the power of being able to play the guitar or serenade a lady.

2) Expensive aftershave
You may think it’s a rip-off, but believe me, we can tell if you’re wearing good aftershave. If you smell good, it heightens the attraction and shows you have exceptional taste. So bin that £1 ‘faux de cologne’ and opt for something more classy.

3) The Scottish man rule – wearing a kilt
To all the Scottish men out there – you’re officially winning. Be proud of your heritage and wearing that kilt. We know that nowadays you only wear them for weddings and special occasions but it has to be said – there’s nothing more manly than a guy in a kilt.

4) Good shoes
You may have heard the phrase that ‘a woman can tell everything about a man by the shoes he’s wearing.’ Before you label this as ridiculous, trust us – it’s true. If you’re wearing a pair of smelly trainers, crocs or the dreaded socks and sandals in summer time, we’ll be tempted to run in the opposite direction! So why are shoes so important? Well, they’re the last thing you put on before you leave the house – but they reveal so much about your taste, style, personal hygiene and even your masculinity. If you’re on a date, it’s best to opt for fashionable rather than practical. Stylish leather boots or brogues rather than those cheap loafers that wouldn’t look out of place on Borat.

5) Attention to detail – the cufflinks, the watch and handkerchief in your top pocket
Never underestimate the power of attention to detail. Women love accessories and those finishing touches to an outfit that show you care about your appearance. If you’re wearing a smart shirt, we’ll notice those classy cufflinks. There’s something that adds the real ‘va va voom’ factor to a look when you wear a nice blazer and put a handkerchief in your top pocket. Of course, don’t over-do it with the diamonté encrusted belt but there’s a huge appeal when we see you’ve gone to the effort to put the finishing touches to an outfit.

6) Nice socks
There’s nothing quite as unappealing as a big toe sticking out of a sock. If you’ve had a great date and you’re back at a girl’s place taking your shoes off, don’t ruin it all with a grotty pair of socks. Another one for the attention to detail category.

7) Accent
Phwoarrr…an accent can go a long way but unfortunately this cannot be faked, so don’t start doing your best Thierry Henry impression. From French to Italian to Scottish and Irish – there’s something about a guy who’s blessed with an accent that truly ticks the ‘sexy’ box.

8) Impeccable manners
If you open doors, give up your seat on the train, speak kindly to staff wherever you go – we’ll notice! A guy with impeccable manners is hard to resist. We all long for a chivalrous gentleman to sweep us off our feet. You don’t have to throw down your jacket when we step over a puddle, but showing common courtesy is a surefire way to impress.

9) Crisp white shirt
There’s something about a freshly pressed, crisp white shirt that women absolutely adore. It’s a wardrobe staple – timeless, sophisticated and incredibly dapper.

10) Good dancer
If you’ve got the moves like Jagger – don’t be afraid to show them off! There’s something very alluring about a guy with rhythm, especially if that guy is a dark horse and we didn’t know about these hidden talents. Don’t overdo it though – if you’ve had a few ballroom dancing classes, don’t assume every girl will want to be spun around and flung in the air, especially after a few drinks. You might know the moves but she won’t…

11) Haircut
Don’t be tempted to follow trends just because every other guy you know is getting the same haircut – prime example the ‘Joey Essex haircut’. Yes do something different and tame your mane – but trust a stylist when they advise what suits you. Don’t take a photo of David Beckham and expect to walk out looking like his double with the ultimate ‘Becks appeal’.

12) Nice hands
Guys – take care of your hands! This is one of those surprising sexy things that we definitely notice. When a man’s nails are clean and nicely trimmed, we’ll know you’re well-groomed. Don’t be afraid to use hand cream if you’re hands are rough and dry (just perhaps not in front of us on a date).

13) Being a good listener
Women love to talk so being a good listener will definitely earn you brownie points. Even if you’re not interested in our latest purchases or gossip about our friends, we’ll appreciate it if you’re mentally attuned to what we’re saying. Show a response and give your opinion too. If she’s upset, give her a hug, don’t walk off and most importantly, don’t interrupt if she’s in the middle of having a rant.

14) Doing things we like without us having to ask
This relates to being a good listener – if there are certain things your girlfriend enjoys, the chances are she would have dropped some hints. Maybe when she’s stressed she loves nothing more than coming home to a warm bath and a glass of wine? Perhaps she loves going to the theatre? It’s so sexy when a man knows what we want and does it without us having to ask, so be more conscious of a woman’s favourite things in life and surprise her!

15) Humour
How do average guys get women that are 10/10 in the looks and personality department? One answer: sense of humour. Women don’t want to date a mannequin who looks good but is all foam, no beer! Comedian James Corden once said: “My weight was never a concern for me. I could always talk to them and make them laugh, so they tended to overlook my physical imperfections.”
Women really mean it when they say personality matters, especially a good sense of humour, so instead of worrying about saying the right things to impress, show your cheeky side and make her laugh. Money can’t buy love, but a good sense of humour might just get you the dream date.

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