One on One With Suzie of Single Dating Diva

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Single Dating Diva is an award winning blog penned by Suzie, a dating and relationships expert residing in Ottawa. On her blog she she shares her own personal dating stories as well as real life online dating advice, and has also started her own dating consulting business where she leads workshops and helps others find dating success. She’ll even help you write your online dating profile! Suzie graciously took some time to answer a few of our favorite dating and relationship questions, see below for her answers!

1. What is the dating mistake you see women making? And men?
The dating mistake I see women making is to set their expectations too high too fast. They focus too much on the outcome, their happily ever after, rather than enjoying the process. They project their expectation on their date which is never a good thing. Men, on the other hand, make too many assumptions with out communicating their intentions clearly to women. In the end, both end up unhappy because they aren’t matching with the right people.

2. Let’s talk first date fashion! What is the perfect outfit for a woman to wear on a date? And a man?
You should always wear what makes you confident and comfortable. Don’t try too hard. This goes for both men and women. Don’t show too much skin and make sure what you’re wearing is clean, neat and tidy. Otherwise just dress for the occasion.

3. What is your ideal dream date? Can be near or far, extravagant or a cozy evening at home.
My ideal dream date is one where the conversation is easy and there’s chemistry. This could be accomplished taking a walk or eating at a fancy restaurant. Location doesn’t matter. It’s the communication that makes it great. You could be having a great meal on the beach in Bora Bora but if he’s boring boring then the date sucks.

4. What is the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard?
“Your eyes, they’re so beautiful, are they yours?”

5. Dating can really take a toll on your confidence! Do you have any tips for single women who are starting to feel like they may never find love?
Dating is all about your attitude and what you put into it. It can get frustrating after a while, especially with bad date after bad date. I totally get it. If you’re feeling overwhelmed then take a break. Dating is a numbers game, especially these days, you will most likely have to date a lot of people before finding what you’re looking for. Some people find it faster than others and that can take a toll on your confidence but if you’re putting your best foot forward and truly trying then it will happen. It’s about finding that puzzle piece that fits perfectly. Just go with the flow and have fun with dating and enjoy the process not worrying about the outcome.

6. Who is your celebrity crush?
I have to pick just one? Haha

7. 5 items every woman should have in her handbag?
I keep with me at all times (not in order of importance):
1 – Hand Wipes – no one likes sticky hands
2 – Lip gloss – makes you look put together
3 – Breath Mint or Gum – fresh breath!
4 – Money / Credit Card – never be stranded
5 – Mirror – to make sure you look your best

8. Sex on the first date-yay or nay?
I think it really depends on what you’re looking for. There is no guarantee that sex on the first date ruins your chances at love, but it certainly doesn’t help. It’s better to wait until both your intentions are clear and you know that you’re both on the same path. If you are just looking for sex then it doesn’t matter when you have it, but if you’re looking for something more permanent, then sex too early could possibly cloud your judgement and make you miss red flags because you’re caught up in the infatuation.

9. What should a woman do if the man she’s dating begins to “ghost” — stops calling, cancels plans, etc?
I someone starts “ghosting” or disappears into the black hole, then she should take the hint. If she has sent the last message and he didn’t respond, she shouldn’t keep bugging him, especially if it’s early on. If he keeps cancelling without a good reason and doesn’t reschedule in a timely manner, then stop trying. If they’ve been dating a little longer, then she should talk with him and ask for some clarity. Either way, you know in your gut when a guy has lost interest. If someone is into you then he won’t cancel plans nor will he stop contacting you. Use your judgment on this one and don’t be the crazy lady. Move on to someone who actually wants to be with you and is brave enough to tell you that he’s lost interest.

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