Where To Meet Women – Dating Advice

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Well, where to meet women besides our dating site, of course…:)

At a Bar-Here’s a tip, gentleman.  When you first approach a woman, DON’T immediately offer to buy her a drink.  Sometimes the prospect of a free vodka soda isn’t enough to make her want to talk to you while she drinks it.   Not to mention, most women can’t walk into a bar without tons of guys offering to get her liquored up.  Say hello, strike up a conversation…and then offer to  buy her a cocktail, not the other way around.

At The Gym-This is a difficult one.  My friends and I always bitch and moan to each other about how incredibly annoying it is to get hit on at the gym, but with that said, there are a lot of cute guys at my gym!  Plus, if he’s working out, it’s an indication that we have a lot in common.  It’s all about the approach.  Don’t stare, or be a lurker.  Don’t try to have a conversation while she’s running on the treadmill or trying to focus.  It’s best if you can catch her on her way in or out-that way, you aren’t disrupting her work-out.  Oh, and never offer to spot her.  That is creeper status!

At Work-So many couples meet at work-it makes sense, they spend so much time together.  But if things take a turn for the worst, your weekly meetings just got a hell of a lot more awkward.  First, make sure you know your companies policy against dating coworkers.  Some are ok with it, some aren’t-is it worth losing your job over?  If you do decide to go for it, move slowly-start walking by their office and asking a quick question, running out to grab coffee together, and suggesting lunch meetings.

At a Party-This is my favorite way to meet guys. If he’s friends with my friends, he’s automatically got a step up in my book.  Parties are generally relaxed and safe environments, especially if you have mutual friends.  It takes away the stranger danger aspect of dating, so you can get the normal questions (whats your name, are you a serial killer?) out of the way.