Why Girls Should Make The First Move

By: Elizabeth Marie |

I signed up on an online dating site, put my hottest photos up, and filled out the perfect profile.  I clicked around on the site, taking note of the guys I hoped would see my profile and reach out.  So I waited…and waited.

In “real life” I was raised to believe that guys should always make the first move.  That if he likes you, he’ll call you, message in a bottle you, stand outside of your bedroom holding a boombox playing a terribly emo romantic song.  Obviously, I’ve seen one too many 80s movies.  I was under the impression that if I reached out to a guy first, that it meant I was desperate, or some slutball.  Yes, I just made up that word.

Back to the internet…guys started emailing me alright, but none of the ones I was interested in meeting.  I realized I could wait and hope, or I could take my fate in my own very capable hands and do something about it.  I wasn’t afraid of rejection from some stranger I’d never met-I was more afraid he would think I was some clingy, needy, crazy woman…simply because I sent an email saying “hi.”

As it goes online, some guys wrote me back.  Some didn’t.   I started noticing that every guy I was really interested in was one I had initiated contact with, and I began feeling in control of my destiny and fate-and that was a very sexy feeling.  It’s quite a confidence builder to feel like you can choose who you want to date, rather than being at the whim of whoever contacts you-because what if he doesn’t?  Seriously, some men forget to change their boxers on a daily basis-can they really be trusted with holding your entire romantic future in their hands?

For some reason, women can do it all these days-except ask a guy out for lunch.  While I definitely don’t suggest women should chase men around begging for a wedding ring  or act like a stage five clinger, if you want to get to know a guy, by all means-make the first move to get to know him! Put yourself out there and take control of your heart.  Not only will you be happier with the results, you’ll feel like a bad-ass, in control chick-and what man on earth could resist that?!

There’s no use in waiting by the phone, when you can pick it up yourself.