How To: Handle a Date Gone Wrong

By: Jenn |

We’ve all been there.

You’ve been emailing back and forth with a guy for weeks and finally have plans to meet up for dinner. His messages are well-written and witty. He doesn’t use text abbreviations and keeps the emoticons to a minimum. You can tell that he’s confident and articulate, and his pictures are great also. You have butterflies in your stomach as you wait at the bar for him to show up.

And then it’s awkward.

That charming wordsmith is fumbly in person. His smooth online conversation skills don’t translate into face-to-face contact and you realize very quickly that the evening is going to be an uphill battle. Here are a few ways to keep the night from completely self-destructing.

Be Polite.

No matter how boring/quirky/rude/awkward your date is, do your best to be polite. Keep your phone in your purse, continue with the conversation, and fake it like you’re having fun. I know it’s not fun, but everyone can force a smile and civil conversation for an hour, right?

(Exception: If he’s rude to you or extremely offensive, feel free to politely excuse yourself. No one should have to put up with that abuse!)

Keep it Short.

No need to try that delicious looking dessert tonight, right? Save it for another night and come back with your girlfriends. Try to find the balance of moving things along without rushing it.

Keep it to Yourself.

A girlfriend of mine went on a date with someone who told her – to her face – that she must have been really photogenic based on her pictures. Really? There’s no need to address the fact that the other person wasn’t what you were expecting. You don’t know this person and don’t really need to practice your Radical Honesty philosophy on a near stranger. They might not be what you expected, but save those thoughts for your girlfriends when you talk to them later!

Move On.

One date does not a relationship make. If you’re wondering how to let him down easy, forget it. Just stop texting, stop emailing and move on. If he managed to miss the memo and is still interested, a simple “Thank you, but I just wasn’t feeling it” should suffice.

Have you ever been caught off guard on a date? How did you deal with it?