20 People Reveal Their Top Dating Confessions

By: Alicia Drewnicki |

dating confessions
We’ve all got secrets; some more scandalous than others. I asked 20 people to divulge the details and share their dating  and relationship related confessions with me. From tales of infidelity to spying on partners and having inappropriate crushes, some of these stories left me speechless. Shhh…don’t tell…

1) “I have two maps of the world on my computer – one for all the counties I’ve been to, the other for all the women I’ve been with! The best part of it is that the second map is bigger than the first!”

2) “I noticed my husband had a few premature grey hairs and commented on it. One day we were about to go to a party and he had a bath. I decided to give him a sachet that I had in the cupboard. It was a toner and I thought it would disguise the greys and he wouldn’t know any different. So, he washed his hair with the sachet and I took a look at him and his hair had gone from silver to orange! I told him I needed to rinse his hair because there was a bit of ‘shampoo’ left in it, and the more I rinsed it, the more pink it went! He started to get ready and then looked in the mirror. The language he used would make an Irish navvy blush! We did go out and luckily there was dim lighting in the venue – until he went to the loo and someone called him the Pink Panther!”

3) “I shrunk my ex boyfriends favourite t-shirt. When I took it out of the tumble dryer, it looked like it would fit a child. Instead of telling him, I just pretended he’d lost it and hid it from him!”

4) “I’ve checked my boyfriend’s phone and Facebook messages when he’s not looking.”

5) “I was meeting up with a girl for a date and she came dressed looking like she was in ABBA! It was so embarrassing, she looked horrendous and I was worried my mates would see me with her as they always came to that bar. We got talking to a friend…who was a girl, and bisexual. After a while they were flirting and I just left because frankly…I didn’t want to compete for a woman with my female friend! Disaster date on every level.”

6) “I didn’t like the carpet on the stairs – it was brown and my husband refused to buy a new one. He said it would be a waste of money and it was a ‘good quality carpet’. We were having the walls painted so I decided to take action. I dipped our labrador’s paws into the paint and got him to run up and down the stairs. It was a total mess. My husband loved our dog, so he said it was the painter’s fault! He shouldn’t have left the paint within the dog’s reach. Anyway, I got a new carpet and he still has no idea!”

7) “I always fancied my ex-boyfriend’s brother more than I fancied him!”

8) “I had flown out to Spain to see my ex and try and make things between us work again. It was his birthday and I’d invited some people to his apartment to celebrate. No one turned up and I thought maybe they were lost so I went out to find them. I ended up drinking at the local bar then an Irish guy walked in who was over 20 years younger than me. We got talking and I ended up getting drunk and going home with him. My ex wasn’t impressed when I walked in at 7am. Yes it was a bad thing to do on his birthday. What made it even worse was when we walked into a restaurant for lunch the next day and a group of Irish guys were there….YES it was him.”

9) “I scraped my boyfriend’s precious car on the gate post and I couldn’t bring myself to tell him. He had to go out that night and when he looked at the car in the morning, he assumed it was someone in the pub carpark who did it. I sympathised but he never found out it was me!”

10) “I once gave out my friend’s phone number instead of my own when I really didn’t want to date the girl who was flirting with me in a bar!”

11) “I started seeing a body builder but he wasn’t making much money and suddenly wanted to move in with me as he could see I was independent, had my own place, didn’t want any more kids. I ended it with him as the thought of supporting a guy put me off!”

12) “Me and my mates show each other the most revealing photos girls send us. If she’s hot, you want to show her off!”

13) “I was married to a guy for 27 years and he had a twin brother. Obviously I never told him this but his twin brother was better looking, rich and successful. My ex-husband had a gambling problem. I always felt like I chose the wrong twin!”

14) “I once went on a date with a girl and she didn’t look at all how I expected her to. I was really distracted by her lazy eye and it totally put me off. We didn’t date again after that.”

15) “I finished dating a guy because he had an obsession with spreadsheets! He used to make all his travel plans on a spreadsheet and was SO dull. I like to go with the flow…it was never going to work!”

16) “I went away to a conference and had a fling with a hot guy…who wasn’t my husband!”

17) “A guy used to ring my office and flirt over the phone. He had a very deep and sexy voice and I had visions of a 6ft Adonis, so we arranged a date. We met at the pub and he was sitting down at the time. When he stood up, he was tiny – he must have been about 5ft! I felt like I had to slide down my seat to make myself look smaller. That was the last blind date I went on and when he rang up in future I made sure he spoke to someone else!”

18) “Let’s just say be careful of a hostel’s CCTV camera! One night I was kissing a guy outside but didn’t realise I was being watched on camera. The staff at the hostel used the watch the footage for entertainment! Another night when I walked in with a different guy, I was just praying they wouldn’t say: ‘hey…we recognise you…hold on, that’s not the guy you were kissing on camera!'”

19) “I’m a twin and we’ve definitely played tricks on girls. One thing we used to do when we were younger – we’d go out to a big nightclub – kiss loads of girls then half way through the night, meet up and be like ‘right I’ve kissed her, her and her’ then we’d swap t-shirts and go kiss even more girls!”

20) “I’m a shopaholic and I buy clothes just for the sake of it. Sometimes I have no intention of wearing them but I just can’t resist. How do I get away with it? I’ll tell you. I have three credit cards paid by my other half and if it’s an expensive item, I get the shop assistant to split the bill into three and put a third on each credit card. He still doesn’t suspect a thing!”

Thank you to everyone who confessed to me. You are certainly a mischievous lot, but I promise your secrets shall remain anonymous! If this has whet your appetite for dating revelations, you can read all about the things women find confusing about men here.