12 Simple Scientifically Serious Methods To Make You A More Attractive Person

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Hit the gym harder. Make more money. Buy a nicer car. Get that nose job you’ve been thinking about. Flirt like it’s your job and then do it some more…

When most people consider ways to increase how attractive they are to the opposite sex, these are the types of things that tend to come mind. While there is certainly nothing wrong with a bit of self improvement, and these tricks definitely can’t hurt, they also might not help at all. Turns out, the science of attraction doesn’t really care how much money you make or if you went to spin class or not, and making yourself a more attractive person to the opposite sex is easier than you might think. We’ve done some digging and found the top twelve scientifically proven methods that can increase your sex appeal ten fold, plastic surgery not included, so that you can date smarter. Consider this your secret weapon.

1. Take Care of Your Smile
Your smile reveals a lot more than if you’re a friendly person or not. A study conducted by the University of Leeds and Central Lancashire has confirmed that evenly spaced, naturally white teeth can make you more attractive to a potential mate. The study revealed that men are specifically attracted to women with white and evenly spaced teeth because these are an indication that she is healthy and fertile. However, it’s not just men who are judging your teeth, ladies. It turns out that women pay close attention to other women’s smiles in order to determine if she poses any threat (oh, of course we do.) It’s worth noting that while yellow teeth scored low on the attractive scale, so did blatantly fake, bright white, glow in the dark teeth that have been overly bleached, so there is no need to over do it. Just keep your teeth clean, healthy and be mindful of coffee, wine or other drinks that might cause stains.

2. Shave Off Your Beard
You probably think that guys with beards appear to be all the rage right now, but science begs to differ. Turns out we have hit “Peak Beard” levels, and that means that there really is too much of a good thing happening in regards to facial hair. A new study in the Journal Biology Letters shows that as the frequency of men sporting full beards increases, the less women find them attractive. “Women and men judged heavy stubble and full beards more attractive when presented in treatments where beards were rare than when they were common, with intermediate preferences when intermediate frequencies of beardedness were presented.” In essence, the novelty of the beard has worn off guys…it’s so last year and we’re bored.

3…But Maybe Don’t Shave For a Couple of Days
While a full beard might be too much, and a clean shaven face too little, some serious stubble is juuuust right. Researchers in Australia have found that women find men with a heavy stubble much more attractive than men with a full beard or a smooth face. Why?
“Our findings confirm that beardedness affects judgments of male socio-sexual attributes and suggest that an intermediate level of beardedness is most attractive while full-bearded men may be perceived as better fathers who could protect and invest in offspring.”

4. Wear Red Lipstick
Ladies, you can stop wasting your time on expensive hair products, curling irons, flat wands and eye makeup in hopes of attracting a guy, just buy yourself some red lipstick and call it a day. Scientists at the University of Manchester gave 50 men different images of women to look at, and then tracked their eye movements. The lips were the number one place on a woman’s body that got the most attention, especially when the woman in the image was wearing red lipstick. The difference is staggering-the research reveals that men stared at women’s lips for a full seven seconds when they were wearing red lipstick, versus a mere .095 seconds looking at her eyes or .085 seconds her hair.

5. Actually, Wear Red Anything
A study by the University of Rochester found that men find women who are wearing red to be more attractive than those who aren’t wearing a pop of crimson. Now it’s all so clear where the song “Lady in Red” came from. Don’t be afraid to mix up your wardrobe color palette though and use your red sparingly, as another study shows that wearing red in your online dating profile photos might send a message that you’re only looking to hook-up!

6…But Whatever You Do,  Definitely DO NOT Wear Blue
Warning! You should know that in the above study, participants were only given two options to rate on attractiveness-a woman wearing red or a woman wearing blue. Since red was the clear winner by a landslide, perhaps wearing blue on a first date isn’t a risk you want to take. Living on the edge, I tell you.

7. Gentleman, Keep Them Guessing
Guys, this one is for you. Women often get a bad reputation for playing hard to get, but it turns out that when men act a bit coy, it totally works in their favor. Playing hard to get with a woman you’re interested in can actually benefit you in the long run, if you play your cards right. According to a study published on Psychology Today, maintaining a level of mystery and allowing the woman to feel uncertain about where she stands with you will cause her to think about you so often that she’ll conclude that she really likes you, since she can’t get you off of her mind!

8. Go For a Roller Coaster Ride. Literally.
Are there any theme parks nearby? A study in the Archives of Behavior has shown that singles found people who had just gone for a roller coaster ride more attractive than ones who had stayed with their feet firmly on the ground. 165 men and 135 women participated in the study and personally, I have some questions for them. Is it the sheer relief of no longer being suspended upside down in the air that makes sexual attraction soar? Adrenaline? Do we consider those brave enough to ride a roller coaster as sexy, live on the edge risk takers who really turn us on?

9. Hang Out With Your Friends
“The Cheerleader Effect” basically says that people appear more beautiful in a group than in isolation. For example, if you’re out with your girlfriends at a bar, and a guy glances towards your group, you will seem more attractive simply because you’re surrounded by other faces and he’s subconsciously judging the average of all of your faces combined.  According to a study published on Psychological Science, “Individual faces will seem more attractive when presented in a group because they will appear more similar to the average group face, which is more attractive than group members’ individual faces.” However, this doesn’t mean you’re a total troll when you’re alone, don’t worry-if someone thinks you’re cute, it won’t matter if you’re with a group or flying solo.

10. Play an Instrument
There is just something inherently sexy about musicians, right? Science definitely agrees. The Psychology of Music put this theory to the test by having an attractive man approach 300 unsuspecting women and ask them for their phone number while carrying either a guitar case, a gym bag or nothing at all. Over a third of the women gave up their digits when he was carrying the guitar, versus 14% when he was empty handed and a low 9% when he had his gym bag in tow. The study concluded by explaining that musicians are often regarded as intelligent and dedicated, two qualities women love in a man, plus music is just downright fun and ignites a positive energy, which is also highly attractive to the opposite sex.

11…or Just Pretend You Do Online
Don’t have a musical bone in your body? Well, you could always fake it til you make it! A different study published in the Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science reveals that using a photo of yourself simply holding a guitar on Facebook or while online dating will increase your chances of establishing a positive connection with a girl. However, while a woman might accept your friend request based on how cool you look holding your acoustic guitar, this shouldn’t be the tactic you rely on to get meet women, because what happens when she asks you to play her a song? Awkward! Might we suggest some guitar lessons in the meantime?

12. Get a Dog (or Borrow One)
Is there anything hotter than an attractive guy with an even cuter dog? I think not, and turns out science agrees. An experiment published on Psychology Today revealed that “a man’s likelihood of obtaining a woman’s phone number increases three-fold when accompanied by a dog.” These findings are not strictly limited to men with dogs either. When the subjects were flipped and women were the ones hitting on a guy, Fido in tow, “the dog effect” worked like a charm!

What do you find attractive in someone you’re dating?
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