12 Questions About a Woman’s Body Answered…

By: Alicia Drewnicki |

womens body
After last week’s article which answered questions about a man’s body, it’s time for the ladies’ follow-up. From fake tan to fake lashes, I asked a selection of guys some pressing questions about a woman’s appearance. Naturally, these answers are hugely down to personal opinion and taste, but here’s the lowdown on the answers I received:

1) Size zero or curves?
The boys said: Every guy I asked responded with something along the lines of: ‘curves all the way’. They all agreed that the obsession with ‘size zero’ is in reality a false image painted by the media, rather than what men really want. A lot of women think that size zero is desirable, (so strive to be as thin as possible), when in fact this look doesn’t actually appeal to the mass majority of guys. One guy pointed out that subconsciously, a man is attracted to a woman who physically looks like she would be a good mother (a body shape that indicates she is fertile and could carry a child). Therefore a skinny girl with too many muscles wouldn’t indicate this. Some guys pointed out how a low waist to hip ratio attracts them as it’s also linked fertility and attractiveness.
My opinion: There’s certainly a lot of pressure in the media to be as thin as possible, and this is why it’s harder for women to embrace curves and be proud of their natural body shape. Something important to remember is that women come in all shapes and sizes and some women are naturally thin without intentionally trying to be this way, and this is very beautiful too. In an ideal world, we should all be proud of our natural body shapes, rather than trying to transform and conform to what we believe is outlined as ‘attractive’ to us in the media.

2) What do you think of fake eyelashes?
The boys said: No! What’s the point of them? Every guy I asked said he hated fake eyelashes and one demonstrated his opinion with this example: “Let’s face it, I’ve never looked across a bar and thought, wow I fancy that girl because of those great fake eyelashes she’s wearing!”
My opinion: Girls love lashes, and sometimes the extra thickness can make all the difference (to us). When we wear them, we of course hope you don’t notice they’re fake…

3) Can a woman ever get away with hairy legs?
The boys said: No. It’s not attractive and it hints at a lack of grooming and care. Occasionally though, if a woman forgets or she’s waiting to have them waxed, that’s fair enough, just not all the time.
My opinion: Agreed – it doesn’t feel feminine to sport the hairy legs look (same goes for armpits).

4) What do you think of short skirts/dresses?
The boys said: Yes, a girl wearing a short skirt naturally appeals to a man, but he’d be making judgements about that girl when he looks at her. He’d be secretly labelling her as a ‘one night stand type of girl’ rather than a relationship girl. It may be sexy, but it’s not elegant. Many guys suggested ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it’, but only to a certain degree – a shorter dress doesn’t make you sexier. If a girl is wearing a tight lycra mini dress on a night out, guys could think this is showing desperation and hinting that she thinks her body is her only asset.
My opinion: I think a girl can still look sexy without looking tarty, but it’s all about balance. For example, if a girl has a gorgeous pair of legs – why not show them off? If her legs are out, her top half should just be a little more conservative.

5) What are your views on makeup?
The boys said: Less is more, however, most guys said ‘good makeup is makeup where we can’t really tell you’re wearing it’. Not a single guy said that makeup in itself is a no-no, they just didn’t want thick, over the top, obviously ‘plastered on slap’. So subtle, natural, well-applied makeup is a hit.
My opinion: Wearing makeup can really boosts a women’s self confidence and look fantastic if applied well.

6) Is it ok to wear flats or do you prefer stilettos?
The boys said: Flats can be endearing, girly and cute, but stilettos tick the ‘sexy’ box. So it all depends on what look you’re going for.
My opinion: Wearing high heels definitely makes a woman feel sexier but flats are practical and comfortable so it’s good to mix and match.

7) What do you think of low-cut tops?
The boys said: Every single guy said: ‘not a problem/there’s nothing wrong with this’.
My opinion: Boys will be boys…

8) Fake boobs or real boobs?
The boys said: It’s a fact – guys love boobs whether they’re fake or not, however every guy I asked responded that if given the choice, they would prefer natural over fake (unless there were medical reasons behind this). The reasons that most guys said they weren’t keen on the fake variety was not because of their appearance, but more to do with the intentions behind a woman getting them. Several guys pointed out that cosmetic surgery could hint at a low self-esteem and a skewed perception of what beauty is. They also said that acceptance of what you’ve got naturally is more beautiful than trying to create something artificial. One guy pointed out that a female’s perception of perfection is ‘shaped by females and female-based media, not by what men are actually telling them’. Women may think they are creating something that is perfect, but it’s not really perfect because of the fact it’s fake. Some guys didn’t like the fact that getting surgery was ‘lying’ about what a woman’s natural body is really like and they thought it portrayed a sense of vanity and obsession with body image.
My opinion: I think the key thing is how a woman feels about herself, so whether it’s for medical or appearance-based reasons, if implants make a woman feel confident and better within herself, then that’s the most important thing, but yes, I can also see why guys encourage women to be proud of what they’ve got naturally.

9) Shave, wax or au naturel?
The boys said: A woman who looks after herself and pays attention to her beauty/grooming regime is the most important thing, and how she does this is up to her. A lack of care is unhygienic and a turn-off so a woman should make the effort to take pride in her appearance.
My opinion: A woman should do what makes her feel confident and attractive.

10) What are your views on eyebrow shaping?
The boys said: Yes, look after your eyebrows, but when women pluck a thin line or pluck all their eyebrows out then draw a line, it looks awful.
My opinion: Shaped brows rock, but yes, I agree the over-plucking can go a step too far.

11) What would you say if a girl wanted botox/lip fillers/plastic surgery in general?
The boys said: No. It’s beautiful to age gracefully and we don’t want to look at you and be able to tell you’ve had surgery.
My opinion: I agree that natural is beautiful, however, if some subtle treatment helps boost a woman’s self confidence and doesn’t shout out artificial, that’s up to her.

12) What do you think of fake tan?
The boys said: Many guys mentioned the show ‘The Only Way is Essex’ and stated that fake tan is the ultimate turn-off. They said there’s nothing worse that the Oompa Loompa orange look, however, good fake tan (when a guy can’t notice you’re wearing it) can be very attractive.
My opinion: If applied well and people can’t tell, ideal! It’s a lot healthier than sun beds. The Oompa Loompa look is definitely one to avoid though!

In summary, the general consensus seems to be, if it looks fake and artificial – it’s a no-go. If a guy can’t tell (whether that’s makeup or fake tan) then it’s fine. So ladies, keep it natural, but wear what makes you feel comfortable. Don’t feel pressured to look a certain way because you feel that’s what’s been labelled beautiful in the media, as this is often the opposite of what guys really want. Embrace your natural beauty and be proud of what you’re born with rather than trying to change yourself.