12 Questions about a Man’s Body Answered…

By: Alicia Drewnicki |

Waxing, plucking, highlights and biceps; there are many aspects of a man’s body and grooming routine that women debate about. If you’re a guy wondering what women think about everything from receding hairlines to body piercings to height and hair gel, here are the answers to your burning questions:

1) I’m balding – should I try and disguise it?
Firstly, you need to stop seeing your receding hairline as a negative thing. If you’re losing your hair, the majority of women agree that you should shave it off/cut it short and embrace it. Rather than ‘doing a Donald Trump’ and brushing all your hair forward, or sporting a dodgy combover, you should channel your inner Jason Statham (phwoar) and be proud of all that testosterone you’ve got!

2) Is hair gel hot?
Mr Slick or Mr Oil Slick? If your head is wet to touch, it’s time to lay off the grease, mate. Most of us ladies agree that too much hair gel is a turn-off, so keep the application light and if your hair must stay in shape, why not opt for a little spritz of hairspray/wax rather than the solid hair gel look?

3) What’s the general consensus on beards?
Beards are a lot like ‘Marmite’ – it’s a love or a hate thing. George Clooney and David Beckham are the kings of the ‘designer stubble’ look and most of us agree that a short, trim soft beard can be very manly and alluring. It’s only when the beard growing process goes a step too far that opinions become mixed. If your facial hair starts to resemble a brillo pad/Captain Birdseye – you probably wouldn’t look out of place on the high seas! The longer and more untamed the beard, the more likely we’ll be grossed out about you potentially getting things stuck in it, so keep it trim and it’s guaranteed to be a win.

4) What do you think of eyebrow plucking?
None of us like bushy monobrows, so if they join up in the middle – by all means, pluck away. Be careful though, as over-plucking could soon spell out disaster. Brows that are too perfect will make us wonder whether you’re a drag artist by night! If you need to look after your brows – be very subtle about it so that we don’t even notice.

5) What do you think of tattoos?
A few discreet tattoos here and there can be very appealing indeed, but when they start showing up on your face and neck, it’s a step too far. So forget the tacky bulldog tattoo on your neck and instead opt for something cool and creative that has a personal meaning to you.

6) What do you think of piercings?
This really depends on where they are. We don’t want any nasty shocks when we’re going through customs with you at the airport! In general though, as long as they’re not excessive and they suit you, that’s completely fine with us.

7) Do women like it when men wax/shave their bodies?
David Beckham is supposedly a fan of the ‘back, sack and crack’, but the general consensus is that a woman prefers her guy to be manly rather than as smooth as a seal. Naturally a bit of grooming to trim any wayward hairs is perfectly acceptable, but if this is excessive and you’re silky soft ALL over, you’ve gone too far.

8) Does size matter?
Now this is a delicate topic that is a worry for guys. Most of us agree that we’ll be very happy with ‘Mr Average’, so fear not boys as size really doesn’t matter as much as you think. One note though – it’s best to leave something to the imagination on the beach, so opt for the swimming shorts instead of the speedos look.

9) Should I get highlights?
Probably a step too far. If you’re not a premiership footballer or a model, the chances are you’ll struggle to pull this one off. If you’re going grey and want something subtle to tone it down, that’s fine, similarly if you’ve got a good hairdresser and it’s something very natural, you might just get away with it, but patchy white-blonde highlights are a bit too ’90s boyband’.

10) Will bigger muscles make me more attractive?
I don’t know how to tell you this boys…but I haven’t met a woman yet who finds the ‘extreme body builder rippling muscles look’ attractive. You may think that being body-beautiful will make you the ultimate woman magnet, but most women will avoid the guys who obsess at the gym for hours. We’ll automatically assume you must be quite vain and will worry that we won’t be able to tuck into a tub of ice cream without getting a disapproving look from you. Most women will take a guy with an average body and great banter over Mr Musclemania and his distinctly average chat any day.

11) Does it matter if I’m short?
Does height matter? Well it’s all relative. If a girl is 5ft 10, she’s going to naturally look for a taller man. He doesn’t need to be loads taller, even just an inch is fine. We instinctively look for a guy to protect us, so this is why we hope he’s a little taller than us, but if we’re madly in love with you, height really doesn’t matter at all. Just look at Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullum.

12) Are low V-Neck Tshirts sexy?
No. Ditch them. All ladies agree on this – no one likes a pec flasher.

So now you have all the answers, you’ll know that we’re really not that difficult to please. All you need to remember is to bin those speedos and make the effort, but don’t be excessive and go too far – a little bit of gentle grooming goes a long way.