Top 3 Spring Date Ideas

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Spring has sprung, and love is in the air!  But is your dating life still in the winter dull-drums? Dinner. A movie.  A walk.  All of these are great date ideas of course, but aren’t they a bit boring?  One of the biggest challenges that comes with online dating is making sure you stand out in the crowd.  There are so many people looking for love online-so what sets you apart?  One of the best ways to do this is to suggest fun and memorable date ideas.  Save the movies for the rest of them!  The best dates are ones that focus on experiences, not staring at a screen.  Here are our favorites, especially for Spring!

1. Now that the weather is changing, there are going to be a lot of outdoor events and festivals popping up!  Food, music, people watching-what’s not to like? Take advantage! Not only will it be a fun date activity, it will be a memorable experience that you may talk about for weeks or years to come.

2. Take a class together.  The most fun are cooking classes, and even if you think you don’t need any help in the kitchen, it’s more for the experience.  Having to work together and move on from mistakes (yes, even if it’s just burnt toast) can show you if you might be able to weather greater storms in the future. Uncork a bottle of vino and relax-can you imagine cooking together in your own kitchen one day? Hmmm? 🙂

3. Be spontaneous. If it’s Tuesday evening, and you have a date scheduled for Saturday, but don’t want to wait, then don’t wait!  Ask him if he’s up for grabbing an espresso or an ice cream cone.  If you both have dogs, meet up at the dog park for an hour.  Dates don’t always need to be these pre-planned, formal affairs.  Enjoying each others company anywhere is a sign that there is definite relationship potential.