The Guy Who Blossoms Late Is the One to Date

By: Alicia Drewnicki |

Do you remember the guy from school with the greasy fringe, the thick glasses, the bad skin and the buck teeth? Probably not, well maybe you do, but not because you fancied him. If you needed help with anything, he was always there, but at the time you never considered dating him.

Think of Screech vs Zack Morris in Saved By The Bell. When you were sixteen, you probably only had eyes for the school heartthrob. He was popular, good looking, athletic and could have had any girl he wanted, but he always chose the prettiest girl in school. You lusted after him for years, wrote both sets of your initials in a heart on your notebook and daydreamed about him during lesson time; hoping one day he’d notice you.

The thing to realise is, the guys who were popular at school and had all the female attention from a young age, are rarely the guys who would make good boyfriends when you’re in your twenties. Their ego has been inflated ever since they first started noticing girls, and often instead of studying, their focus would have been on chasing girls, so as a consequence, their grades suffered. These guys know they’re good looking, but rarely have the brains to go with it, as they were so focussed on lapping up the female attention at school.

If you’re wondering which type of guys display the characteristics of Mr Arrogant from a young age – these are the guys. The high school ‘Jocks’ who thrive off female attention and lap up the popularity they encounter from leading their male packs. The big problem is that these guys have never experienced rejection before and have never had to make any effort with girls, so consequently have inflated self-confidence and a sense of superiority. You’re attracted to them because they’re aesthetically pleasing, but you soon realise there’s no depth to them.

These guys have never had to chase in their life, and know that if they’re not successful with one girl, they can just move on to the next in line. They’re so used to girls chasing them that if they’re your boyfriend, they will expect you to make all the effort and appreciate being with them, not the other way round.

So let’s go back to ‘Screech’ the geek. He may have ticked the ‘100% friendzone’ box in school, but fast forward ten years, and you may just be surprised. The guy who blossoms late is the one to date.
He’s passed all his exams with flying colours, he’s got a good degree, a high powered job and the world at his feet. He’s been eating his spinach and has got muscles in places you’d have never imagined at school. On top of that, his complexion has cleared up, he’s stopped using so much hair gel, got rid of the pudding bowl hair cut, has designer glasses and has sorted his teeth out.
Clark Kent – eat your heart out. Screech has become Superman! This is the man you want – he’s ticking every box and more!
It takes some guys well into their twenties before they develop into real men. Unlike their popular rivals, they saw school as the time to study and make the transition from childhood to adulthood at their own pace. Now is their time to thrive – they don’t have issues with obnoxious, narcissistic behaviour, instead they’ve grown up desiring a meaningful relationship and will consequently treat a woman with the utmost love and respect.

When we’re young, it’s easy to be blinded by a guy’s good looks, but just like a fine wine, geeks get better with age, so go find yourself a late-bloomer and you’ll be on to a winner…