The Ultimate Breakup Mix

By: Almie Rose |

breakup mix

A friend of mine is going through a breakup, and I’m here for her with hugs, drinks, and this ultimate breakup mix. Because sometimes, you just need to take your heartbreak and rock it out. Here’s my mix, and I hope it helps!


1.  “You’re Breakin’ My Heart” — Harry Nilsson

This is a great angry, sly song about getting heartbroken. “You’re breakin’ my heart/You’re tearin’ it apart, so fuck you,” he growls. Think of it as the grandaddy of Cee Lo’s “Fuck You” (also on this list, of course.) And you may remember it from Girls, in which Hannah and the gang did a synchronized dance to it in a beach house.

Good for: rocking out to if you’ve been dumped.


2. “FU” — Miley Cyrus

Yeah, I’m putting Miley on here. I love this track. It sounds like a pissed-off, boozy waltz. “I’ve got two ooh, ooh letters for you/One of them’s F and the other one’s U” howls Miss Cyrus. It’s pretty clear what she means.

Good for: listening to while doing your hair and makeup for your first single night out.


3.You Oughta Know” — Alanis Morissette

By now, it’s widely assumed that this song is about Full House‘s Dave Coulier, but the song is so good, I ain’t even mad. This ’90s rock anthem absolutely holds up. For bonus points, add the acoustic version on your playlist.

Good for: ladies’ karaoke night.


4. “The Tracks Of My Tears” — Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

Let’s throw an old school breakup tune in here, shall we? This song is perfect for singing along to and hard to shake — despite its age, the message still hits hard (“So take a good look at my face/You’ll see my smile looks out of place/If you look closer, it’s easy to trace/The tracks of my tears”).

Good for: drinking to.


5. “Black Balloon”– The Kills

This has always sounded like a breakup song to me, with its moody feel and its lyrics (“I swear our jet is crashing in my mind/You can hold on but I wouldn’t waste your time/farewell my black balloon”). Sometimes breakup songs aren’t in your face, but are more subtle. This is that for me.

Good for: brooding.


6. “Chelsea Hotel #2” — Leonard Cohen

No one weaves a story into a song like Leonard Cohen, and yet, manages to make that story universal. That’s how I feel about this song. It puts you in a thoughtful, bittersweet mood.

Good for: listening to in the rain, thinking about past relationships.


 7. “All By Myself” — Celine Dion

This is practically quintessential. Bridget Jones sang it when she was “all by herself” so how could you not? This is perfect for lyp-synching to, or if you’ve got the pipes, bust it out at karaoke.

Good for: singing in the shower, crying.


8. “Fuck You” — Cee Lo Green

You’d never think there were so many songs about telling someone to eff off, would you? And how could I not include this? As overplayed as it may be, it’s still so good. It’s like a motown eff you, aimed right at your ex’s heart. I like when Cee Lo uses video game metaphors (“guess he’s an Xbox and I’m more an Atari” — brilliant.)

Good for: what else? Drivin’ round town. 


9. “Torn” — Natalie Imbruglia 

Here’s another great 1990’s breakup hit, and like Alanis’s anthem, this one will also never die. This song, despite the singer being “torn”, also seems to have some optimism that maybe things will work out, thanks to the uplifting chords.

Good for: singing along with your trusted gal pals.


10. “Heart Of Glass” — Blondie

Let’s end this mix with an upbeat breakup song. Debbie Harry seems only vaguely bothered when she sings, “Once I had a love and it was a gas/soon turned out, had a heart of glass.” With a song this groovy, it’s hard to feel down for too long.

Good for: dancing your broken heart out.


What’s your breakup song?


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