Would You Date a Pretty Boy?

By: Alicia Drewnicki |

pretty boy
Some men are naturally handsome. Rugged, manly men who don’t even have to make an effort, they just wake up and instantly radiate something that should be known as the “phwoar factor”.

Then there are the pretty boys; the guys who work tirelessly on their appearance to make themselves beautiful. We’re talking about the guy whose hairstyle is perfectly frozen in place like it could be made of lego, and his facial hair is so immaculate that you wonder if there’s a ruler and a spirit level in his bathroom cupboard. Pretty boys are focussed on one thing only – their image. Whether that’s heading to the gym to lock eyes and pout at themselves in the mirror to achieve ‘massive gains’, going for an (all-over) wax or dabbling with a bit of man makeup. If there’s any chance that you might fit the category of ‘pretty boy’, then this is the article you need to read.

I asked 25 of my girl friends around the world: ‘would you date a pretty boy?’ Here’s what they said:

1) “No, probably not. While I appreciate a man who tends to his appearance, it seems exhausting to be so invested in your looks, I’d be afraid he would judge me if I didn’t look perfect every day or ate an extra donut.”

2) “NO. Urgh they make me cringe! So many things I hate but the worst has to be the rock solid gelled side swept hair, constantly tweaking it into place.”

3) “I’d have a casual fling (who would turn down a hottie?!) but would I date him? No. A guy who does all that fake tan stuff seems materialistic, shallow and vein to me. It might not be the case but that’s what it feels like.”

4) “Right let me think yes I think I would as anything I wanted to trial out before doing it in the salon then I could!! At least I would have a new willing model! I did go out with a guy that had HD brows, male intimate waxing, regular facials, manicures and pedicures and I loved it!!! We had a keen interest and never moaned about me buying lots of beauty products! In fact he had more than me!!!”

5) “Not the extreme pretty boy no…I like a guy to look after himself and dress well and take pride in the way they look but not too much pride so that they are worse than me!”

6) “I think I’m more into the guy who will wade in and rescue me and not be worried about how his hair looks and looking in a mirror when I’m clearly a damsel in distress. My type is more rough around the edges, relaxed in his appearance and essentially that to me means more confident. This is what I look like, yes I have a 5 o’clock shadow, take it or leave it approach is very sexy. It comes down to yes a guy who looks after himself is attractive but not if he takes it too far. It just screams high maintenance and I guess in this relationship I want to be the pretty one!”

7) “Hmmm not really…I don’t think I would like it if a guy took more care in his appearance than I do, I like more rugged looking men. I have scruffy days when I go without make up, fake tan and styled hair, so if my boyfriend looked better than me then I would feel ugly. For me fake tan and make up are a definite no no for my boyfriend.”

8) “When you say would I date a pretty boy, do you mean the smouldering good looks of the magician Darcy Oake off Britain’s Got Talent? Perfectly honed body, the epitome of male allure (I think I need a cold shower right now!) Or would I go out with someone who resembles a mannequin or even Ken (from Barbie and Ken), I don’t think so. Dating someone who has been told by his mother from an early age that he is perfect makes him believe it. He becomes a high maintenance adult male who can’t pass a tanning shop without nipping in for a quick spray (of fake tan). Although it’s nice to be seen out with this kind of guy, it would be like going out with ‘Stone Henge’ – magnificent to look at but not much going on there. Keep pretty boys in the shop window or airbrushed in a magazine – the ideal guy for me may have a few imperfections but that’s what I love about him!”

9) “I don’t really spend a lot of time on my appearance so wouldn’t want to feel pressurised to change my ways to look as prim as him.”

10) “It depends. If he is an all round Einstein, overachiever and simply has such an excess of time on his hands because he’s already managed his entrepreneurial business, read a couple of books, written for the New Scientist and prepared me a 12 course tasting menu and climbed a volcano all before 3pm and is wondering how to fill his day…so he goes to the gym and preens himself, then perhaps. But if that is his main priority in life then HELL NO. Not even if he paid me…in alcohol…very, very expensive alcohol. Why? I don’t value vanity. To me life is about experience and that is generally not found at the hairdressers, the tanning salon, the gym, the hairdressers, in front of a mirror or down the protein shake aisle in Tesco. Go out, rough yourself up a bit, do something interesting with your life and then I’ll be more interested.
There just aren’t enough rugged men around these days. They all have waist sizes smaller than me and I drink more than they do. And their moisturisers cost more. Have I become too masculine or have men become too feminine?”

11) “I spend no more than 20 minutes in front of the mirror. A guy who takes longer than me simply outweighs the estrogen in the room… in a wrong way. Pretty boys? I would rather a bit of rough than ravish. Have men lost their balls by becoming so pretty?”

12) “So for me, a guy has gotta be the Indiana Jones type. Indiana would never pluck, or wax or moisturise. The only guy who can wear make up, kiss his guns and then have any chance of ravishing me is Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones. That’s one pretty boy who is all man.”

13) “I would never date one…again! They are so self centered that everybody else comes second. Who wants that? I want to be wooed, appreciated and adored. The pretty boys only have eyes for them self and their own beauty. In addition, they are very often VERY self centered when it comes to the more intimate things. First Me, then me, and the me…and sleep. And don’t try to get them to be spontaneous and party all night long…no. It would ruin their beauty sleep, make them “fat”, and mess up their skin. I need testosterone in a man.”

14) “Not my type (although I have no idea what my type is these days). I like a man who cares how he looks but not to the extent that he could be categorised as a pretty boy. There are more important things in life to worry about rather than how much gel one has in ones hair etc. I want a MAN – non-waxed, non-tanned, slightly scruffy, slightly smelly, bearded MAN.”

15) “Not for me. The answer’s a bit blunt but that’s the first thing that came to my head!”

16) “No. I like a man who cares about his appearance and wellbeing but not a gymaholic!”

17) “I honestly don’t care if he spends that much time taking care of himself. I would care though if he did all that pampering and was a dick. Every man has to have an amazing personality to go with his looks, no matter how much effort he puts in to maintains them. Personality > Looks”

18) “No. Just doesn’t appeal to me. Don’t get me wrong, the guy shouldn’t look homeless but a nice aftershave and styled hair is enough.”

19) “Oh nooo that is so not my type of guy!!! No sunbeds, no fake tan, no waxed eyebrows and definitely not a muscle man! All natural please! Except a bit of hair gel and some nice aftershave – yum!”

20) “No. I want a natural, rugged man, not one who is going to shout at me if I mess his hair up and get in the way of the mirror! I hate the preened look, especially over-styled facial hair or when a guy has better eyebrows than me. Vain, gym-obsessed men are such a turn-off.”

21) “In short my answer would be no. I am a firm believer that if a man thinks he needs to spend that much time on his appearance he will be too self-obsessed to give me the attention I want! Obviously we all like a man who takes care of himself but I draw the line at pretty boys. Boys, spend that spare time taking me out/buying presents/telling me I’m pretty. And just FYI unless you’re dressed as a pirate, Guyliner is not cool or acceptable!”

22) “Probably not because it says a lot about his personality…self involved and too image conscious which I don’t go for!”

23) “I would not date a pretty boy. I’m a low maintenance girl, I can’t have someone who takes longer than me to get ready. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a guy who takes care of himself, but the ones who put too much effort into it, is just way too much.”

24) “Ewww no! I need a MAN. Big arms, big smile, big wallet, big (use your imagination)…”

25) “No, the waxy orange torso, veiny bicep, Gary Glitter eyebrow look just doesn’t do it for me. I like a man to look tidy (no one likes honorary hobo) and clean(!) but sun beds, waxing, plucking conjures up thoughts of him being ready AFTER me for a night out. That is just unthinkable. I once had a friend who was so worried about his hair, he used to flick his head to one side every two minutes and check himself out in every reflective surface like a nervous tick!”

One thing’s for sure – the majority of the ladies are not fans of the ultimate pretty boys! Of course, a bit of gentle grooming is fine and we all like a man who looks after himself but just be careful you don’t go too far. ‘Rugged’ and ‘real man’ seem to be the key points here, so opt for rough stubble instead of a highly moisturised silky complexion and guyliner. We don’t want you to be wearing more makeup or spending more time getting ready than we do. A few ladies mentioned they don’t want the ‘homeless look’ either, so give those dishevelled santa beards a trim! I have to agree with the girl who mentioned the magician Darcy Oake – he’s most definitely got the ‘phwoar factor’.

A pretty boy who wasn’t mentioned is David Beckham. He’s lucky that he can do both rugged and pretty, and will always appeal. He can wear a sarong, have blonde highlights and wear diamond stud earrings, but never fails to make women of all ages swoon! There’s just something about Becks…

One final thing for you to remember though guys –  don’t ever try and imitate David Beckham. It might work for him, but it won’t work for you…