How To Date a Character from New Girl

By: Jess Downey |

Photo courtesy of Fox

Photo courtesy of Fox

Have you ever wanted to date a character from New Girl? Well, so have we! So, for fun, we’ve compiled a list of the gist of each character with a little extra note about the ins and outs of how to handle being romantical with them.


He’s the kind of guy who’s probably going to come up and hit on you at the bar in a perfectly tailored suit. And, he’ll definitely find a way to slip in his new car and his recent trip to an exotic location or whatever new hip interest he’s picked up that week no matter how awkward it may seem.

If you’re looking to date him…

Don’t take him for face value. He might be completely douchetastic, but (as Schmidt teaches us) that’s not always the case. Sometimes he’s just doing it because he wants to impress you and because he’s a former fat kid that’s just his way of doing it. Consider it a form of flattery (in a weird way) and just have a drink with the fella.


Hipster. Ultra-quirky. Socially awkward type who will almost always make you laugh. She’ll always have your back even at her most inconvenient moment.

If you’re looking to date her…

If you’re looking for a one night stand, she’s so not your gal. She’s not for the easily embarrassed either (you’ll often find her breaking out in song at the most inopportune times). But, if you find yourself as her leading man, be sensitive to her emotions. Her feelings are easily hurt by the most random things, but that’s really because her heart is pure gold.


Disheveled starving artist type who doesn’t really realize his full potential (ahem, he’s a bartender who went to law school). He often exercises bad judgment; especially with things like money. And he’ll likely try to fix your toilet with a pop bottle.

If you’re looking to date him…

Like Schmidt, you can’t judge him based on what you see. He’s actually very strong in who he is and what he wants. Encourage him to do the things he wants to do and what he’s capable of. Sometimes he’ll need you to step in and take control of things. Just steer clear of having your own agenda of what he should be doing. He’s not one for conforming and your good intentions will only turn him bitter towards you.


Gorgeous model. The gal every other gal wants to hate. And because of her looks, she hasn’t had to rely on her other talents (brains, creativity, ingenuity, etc.) to get her where she is in life. She comes from a very traditional family which causes her to have an enormous amount of expectations for the way she lives her life.

If you’re looking to date her…

Don’t expect her to be easy just because she’s a hot model. She’s more complex and there’s more to her than a pretty face, though she doesn’t always think others see her that way. Try not to treat her like just a beautiful gal. Be aware of her insecurities and encourage her to do whatever she wants to put her mind to.


He’s kind of similar to CeCe in the fact that he’s in transition. He’s a former pro ball player who’s moved back to the US and is now trying to find his place (and what he wants to do) in life. Often times he can be overly intense and competitive.

If you’re looking to date him…

Be supportive and help guide him on his path. He might want to be a radio host one minute and then be a cop the next. So be it. Be the person who helps him do what he needs to do to achieve his goal. Don’t try to stifle his competitive nature, but find a way to channel it in a positive way.