What Do Men Really Want?

By: Elizabeth Marie |

It seems like no matter what age they are, women all over the world are baffled by one single question-“What do men really want?” when it comes to dating and relationships. Some may say that the answer is dependent on the age of the man, that younger men place higher value on sex appeal and older men would care more about personality. In reality though, no matter what age gap you fall into, most men are all looking for one thing…a woman who is constantly fun to be around.

Sounds simple, right?  It can be, if you let it.  Men are used to women always needing something from them-attention, reassurance, money, love.   Women want commitments and discussions and to get all our feelings out on the table, and these things can sometimes suck the fun out of a relationship.  Men, on the other hand, just want to have a good time, at least at the beginning.  It’s not that they are incapable of serious things or only want to have a good time, but they do avoid drama like the plague and therefore, are instantly attracted to a woman who is laid back and no pressure.

So how do you become this kind of woman?

Instead of thinking of every date you go on as a means to an end or wondering what every man you meet would be like as a husband, take it all at face value.  Live in the present moment and enjoy yourself-when you remove the pressure from both you and him, you’ll relax and allow your true colors to show.  When you have fun with someone, you naturally form a connection.  When he’s not with you, he’ll think of the time you’ve spent together fondly.  And most importantly, he’ll want to do it again.

Can you blame him?