Textual Behavior 101

By: Elizabeth Marie |

I completely disagree with those who think that we should never ever use text messaging.  Are you kidding me?  Sometimes, I like the ease with which I can send a text, but not have to actually, you know, talk.  Sometimes I don’t want to talk to the person, but I don’t want to be rude.  Enter-the text message. Saved again!

How you utilize text messaging while dating is an entirely different story.  If you don’t want to talk to someone-maybe you shouldn’t be dating them?  I’ve found that texting has become it’s own phase of the online dating cycle…it tends to go like this-email, chat online, text messaging, actual phone calls, real life meeting.  Problems arise when you want to skip over the phone call part to get to the real life date-it can’t just be me who thinks it would be odd to meet someone in person having never even heard their voice.  I think it comes down to a few basic rules…

Textual Behavior 101

1. Thou Shall Ask For Dates On The Phone-meaning, if you’re going to ask someone out, don’t do it via text message.  Yes, it’s easier-but since when has taking the easy route really worked out in the long run?  Women may say they don’t like to be asked out via text because they are old fashioned, and while there is some validity to that, my biggest issue with starting out a relationship via text is that it sets the tone for the relationship.  Are you going to discuss important things over text?  Get into fights via text? Which brings me to…

2. Don’t “Text” Fight-I have a good friend who gets in fights via text with her boyfriend all.the.time.  It blows my mind because all of their issues could be resolved if one of them picked up the phone and used it for it’s intended purpose.  With texting, you’re missing out on body language, so it’s hard to guess how the other person is really feeling.  I always send texts that don’t come out the way I meant-I can’t imagine that happening in a text fight…hello, drama.

3. Thou Shall Not Break-up On The Phone-This one isn’t just about texting, it goes for phone calls as well.  If you’ve seen someone naked, you have no excuse why you can’t break-up with them in person.  Ending a relationship sucks, it’s never fun, but it is something that should be done face to face.  It’s definitely bad dating karma if you don’t.