How To Pick Up a Girl Anywhere

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Obviously, we are BIG  fans of online dating.  But what happens when you run to the grocery store one day and end up bumping into the girl of your dreams?  Or what do you do when you’re at happy hour with your co-workers, and you want to ask the bartender out?

The “real world” isn’t all that different from online dating. The same rules apply.  Sure, it’s much more intimidating to walk up to a girl and put it all out on the line than it is to shot off a fairly anonymous email, but in the end, how you go about getting her attention is the same….be friendly, and not a creep.  Easy, right?

Most women get hit on a lot, but it’s not generally desirable attention.  I despise when a guy catcalls or stares at me in a creepy way, and cheesy pick-up lines have never worked on me, or any of my girl friends.  Some men approach women as if they are just another number or conquest, and that is not attractive.   Women want to know that you are interested in more than their bra size, even if you really aren’t at first (hey, you’re human.)   Some men put on a ridiculous front and tell women what they think we  want to hear…when all we want to hear is a simple hello.

The best pick up line I’ve ever heard? “Hi, I’m John.”  It’s not fancy, or creative, and yeah, it’s a bit boring, but it’s normal and polite-two very sexy qualities.  Normal is so hard to find these days, am I right ladies?  I once bumped into a cute guy at the grocery store as I was buying an embarrassing quantity of ice cream.  He introduced himself and joked with me about who was going to help me eat all that…we laughed, and met for coffee the next day.

Leave your sleezy pick-up lines, sexual innuendos, cologne and wing men at home.  If a woman gets the “player” vibe from you, she’ll run.   Be your funny, goofy self.  And for the love of God, if you ask her for her number, use it…but that’s another post for another day 🙂