10 Potential Dating Disasters and How to Deal with Them

By: Alicia Drewnicki |

1) Your date is a letch
Hold back on the Taekwondo moves and the pepper spray! If you’ve got a sleazy date who can’t control his wandering hand, don’t be polite and accept it to avoid awkwardness. Instead be confident enough to say it’s making you feel uncomfortable and promptly remove the unwanted mitt.

2) Your date gets too drunk
If your date is completely sozzled, it’s time to order the water and rehydrate! Don’t, whatever you do, play catch up! Make sure you join your date in the round of water so they don’t feel bad about being drunk. If your date is struggling to sober up, it’s probably a good idea to call it a night and go home (alone).

3) Your date has spinach in their teeth or food on their face
Always tell them! There’s nothing worse than going to the bathroom and discovering the horrifying green trespasser! Even if your date gets rid of it, he/she will wonder how long you’ve been staring at it rather than listening to the conversation. The same goes for crumbs or any other food on the face – dating uglies need to be removed ASAP.

4)Your date doesn’t look like their photos
You may want to run in the opposite direction if you turn up to meet Quasimodo instead of an Orlando Bloom lookalike, but you never know, you might get on really well? If there’s been a case of too much photoshopping and there really is absolutely no attraction there, stay for a polite drink and then it’s fine to make a move. Don’t start telling your date how they look nothing like their photo and that’s why you’re leaving!

5)Your ex is at the same bar
Getting into an argument with your ex is a sure-fire way to ruin the chances of any future dates. If you see a date at the bar and you broke up on bad terms, it’s always best to avoid any potential fireworks and think about going somewhere else. If you’re on good terms, by all means acknowledge them and say hi, but then go to a place in the bar where you and your date have some private space without your ex having a front row seat!

5) Your date is really boring
Everyone has at least one or two entertaining stories! If your date is talking in depth about his astrophysics thesis, do you best to change the topic on to something less heavy going. You could ask stories about your date’s family and friends, where they’d like to travel, what makes them laugh or completely random questions that come to mind. It may take some some time, but see this as a challenge to find something fun to talk about rather than falling asleep in your minestrone soup!

7) Your date is shaking and really nervous
Don’t whatever you do ask “are you nervous?” Instead, try and lighten the mood and put your date at ease by telling a few funny stories and getting them to tell you some funny things too. As soon as your date feels comfortable and isn’t thinking about the pressure of the “date situation”, he/she will relax.

8) There is no chemistry whatsoever
 If the date is completely awkward, don’t suffer a whole evening of bad company. Instead, just be honest and say you don’t think the chemistry is there and so perhaps it’s best if you cut the date short.

9) Your date is overstaying their welcome
It’s a weeknight, your tired and you don’t want your date to stay over. The problem is, your date is looking settled and like he/she is ready to settle down for the night. If you’re stuck in this pickle, the best thing to do is to drop some subtle hints “oh it’s getting late”, “I hope you don’t mind but I’m really going to have to call it a night, I’ve got an early start. We should catch up again soon though. Shall I call you a cab?” Hopefully these hints will be enough to send your date home.

10) Your date cooks you dinner – but it’s something you don’t eat.
If you’re a veggie and your date has cooked you a fillet steak, there’s no way out of this one apart from being honest. By all means eat all the side dishes, but if you politely try and eat something you don’t like, your face will give it away; you’ll probably look like you’re chewing on a car tyre! The ideal thing is if you know your date is going to cook for you, let him know about your food dislikes early on, or alternatively, if he has a hungry pet dog hiding under the table – even better!

If you’re on a terrible date, try not to panic! Just remember, it’s only a few hours out of your life and one day you’ll be able to look back and laugh about it. Hopefully with this guide, you will be prepared to face any potential dating disasters!