Why You Should Date Someone With Tattoos

By: Ashley Parsons |

tats couple
I’m a firm believer that the “don’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover” mentality only applies when the cover is plain. People with tattoos can be total page-turners — just as interesting as they are easy on the eye. Though each person’s ink holds a totally different story, there are a few awesome things you can assume about somebody displaying artwork. Here are a couple reasons why it’s worth dating someone with tattoos (whether you’ve got any or not!):

There’s never a dull moment.
Now, I don’t mean to make any generalizations, but it’s a fair assumption that each tattoo has a meaning behind it. If you don’t have any tattoos yourself, you can show that you’re interested in someone by pointing out a tattoo of theirs that catches your eye. Nervous about approaching someone inked and irresistible? Just ask them about their work. Sure, it’s simple, but starting a conversation will at least get your foot in the door! Are you part of the tattoo crew? Even easier to start chatting them up. Since you know a bit more about artwork, it’s always nice to give a compliment about someone’s style or line work.

They know what they’re into…
Tattooed people are passionate! I’m not saying commitment issues don’t exist in the tattooed public, but ink means that a person was dedicated enough to something to wear it the rest of their lives. Body art can also give a very basic idea of a person’s beliefs or values. Tattoos are definitely a sign of the times and are constantly growing in popularity, so they are a mark of modern thinking. If you love all things liberal, ink is the way to go!

…and won’t mind if you aren’t.
Often, along with modernity thinking comes open-mindedness. Even if you’re not into the same music or movies as your artsy crush, showing interest is an invite for them to ask a bit more about you too! It’s great dating someone who’s into the same stuff as you, but the most fun part of dating is getting to know your new boo. Dating someone different can also reveal things about yourself you never knew. I don’t mean running out and getting a full sleeve, but maybe you’d never been exposed to good horror movies or synth-pop music you can stand.

Confidence is always cute.
Ultimately, tattoos are an expression of the person beneath the skin they’re on, and they’re proof that the person cares about their appearance. What’s hotter than someone who’s into looking good…and does? Also, a study showed both men and women had higher body appreciation, higher self esteem and lower anxiety right after getting new tattoos. Someone who feels good about themselves is much more likely to do the same for you, and lower anxiety can only lead to an awesome, laid-back first date.

Really, there’s only one question left about dating with ink: where do I sign up?