12 Life Skills Women Look For In Men

By: Alicia Drewnicki |

Looks, charm and a great sense of humour are all very appealing, but there are other qualities women look for that aren’t spoken about as much.

Here’s a guide to twelve life skills that women secretly hope men are blessed with.

1) DIY skills
When it comes to flat pack furniture, the thing most of us wish for is to see a man enter the room with a power drill and know how to use it.

2) Chief spider-catcher status
When confronted by the terrifying eight-legged beast who has taken up residence on the bedroom ceiling, all we want is a hero to take charge and catch it (but not kill it).

3) Being a good navigator
Yes, of course we know the way, but it’s nice to have a man as back-up. On the off chance that we decide to take the “scenic route” somewhere, it’s good to know a man has excellent navigational skills and the ability to read a map.

4) Being able to talk to anyone
We want to feel we can leave you in the room talking to someone without worrying about you putting your foot in it and revealing personal secrets or simply standing there in silence. Being a confident conversationalist is very appealing to women.

5) Being good with money
If a man is a serial gambler who continuously takes out loans and spends beyond his means, it’s going to worry us. Someone who is sensible and knows how to manage his money on the other hand, is very attractive.

6) Knowing what to do in a crisis
If there’s a problem, we hope you’d approach it with a cool, calm and collected demeanour and be able to take charge, instead of hiding under the bed covers/running in the opposite direction and leaving us to deal with it.

7) Being able to charm the parents
Parent-charming is a serious art. If Mother-in-law’s meal smells as appetising as Fido’s breakfast, you better start practising saying it’s the best thing you’ve ever tasted.

8) Being a chivalrous gentleman
Good manners are everything and if you know how to treat us like ladies then you’ll demonstrate what separates the men from the boys.

9) Being good with pets/children
If you call the family pet an “ugly mutt” and the younger relatives “spoilt brats”, we may be slightly concerned.

10) Being able to cook a meal without instructions
We’re not asking for Jamie Oliver in the kitchen but it’s nice when a guy can cook a basic meal without panicking and searching for some instructions.

11) Knowing how to comfort a crying woman
When women cry, guys can sometimes freak out and wonder what to do. If you know how to console us, it makes us feel much better. So pass a tissue, offer a hug and show some sympathy (even if you can’t understand why we’re crying).

12) Being able to look after yourself
If you’re wondering how to switch the kettle on and you have to call your Mum every time you need a shirt ironing, we’ll worry we’re becoming a replacement mother figure rather than a girlfriend.

So now the mysteries have been unveiled and there’s nothing to worry about. If in doubt, just enter the room with a power drill in your hand, a compass in your top pocket and a bunch of flowers for your future Mother-in-law – how could any woman resist?