3 Steamy Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

By: Elizabeth Marie |

If you want to get the most out of your no strings or casual dating relationships and have the hottest sex ever, you can’t just lay there like a dead fish or rush right to the main event-what about foreplay, imagination and romance?  There are some things you can do to sharpen your skills in the bedroom, and ensure that your sex life only keeps getting hotter and hotter.

  1. Communicate! Communication isn’t reserved for long term relationships only. If you can’t talk to each other, your sex life is doomed to fail. Without communicating, how will you express your likes and dislikes and share your fantasies? How will you know what drives your partner crazy? You won’t-so stop the guessing games and talk it out before you sex it out.  There is a level of intimacy that is established by talking about these things, and the more intimate you are outside the bedroom, the sexier it is when you’re in it.
  2. Be Enthusiastic and Eager! You know how it is when you’re getting hot and heavy with someone and they look like they are bored out of their mind or would rather be doing anything but well, YOU…not fun, right? If something feels good, let them know! Get into it, and be one hundred percent present in the moment. Sex is a mind game, more than anything. If you really aren’t into it, or aren’t even able to pretend-you may want to find a different partner…
  3. Remember the foreplay! Foreplay is your friend!  Sex is more than just the main event, and women especially, need some time to warm up and get turned on. Take your time, and enjoy each moment. The build up and anticipation of foreplay is a huge part of what makes sex so fun. Plus, this makes your quickies so much hotter…reason enough for me!