Gay Dating: 5 Reasons You Didn’t Get a Second Date

By: David |

It is easy to spend so much time concentrating on the things you should do on a first date that you forget all of the important first date faux pas. Before you go out on a first date, check over this list of “first date don’ts” to make sure that you don’t make any disastrous first date boo boos.

1. Talk about yourself too much

On a first date, your date is going to want to find out important things about you. But do not volunteer too much information, too quickly. Let your date do the asking otherwise you will come across as entirely self absorbed, and that’s never attractive. And of course, ask plenty of questions yourself. The best way of making yourself seem like the charming person you are is to be interested in what your date has to say.

2. Tell porky pies

So you meet your guy in the pub/park/market/cinema and he is even hotter than you had anticipated. You might feel scared that you are out of his league and feel that you need to over compensate with exaggerations about your life. But if you want a first date to lead onto a second date and then a third, it is imperative that you are honest right from the outset. While it might seem like a great idea to exaggerate your achievements and winning personality traits at the time, lying can only lead to getting caught out. Have faith that you are enough for the hot guy to like you, because we all have faults – even him.

3. Eat messy food

If you are going on a dinner date, you need to choose your meal carefully. Soup is a big no no. Slurping plus the chance of spilling hot liquid on yourself (or worse, on your date) is certain to kill any kind of romantic atmosphere you are trying to create. Similarly disastrous food choices include pasta with sauce (again, a high chance of sauce becoming plastered all over you) and burritos (guacamole smeared across your upper lip isn’t a hot look). Instead stick to dry foods that can be chopped into small pieces.

4. Drink yourself stupid

We’ve all had those first dates when we drink too much because of nerves. Do they ever lead to second dates? Nope. This is very simply because nobody wants to date somebody who can’t control their own behaviours. While having a drink (or five) might loosen you up, there is such a thing as being too loose. Slurring your words is so not a sexy look, and it might be a good idea to switch that fifth pint to a glass of water.

5. Talk about ex boyfriends

Those first couple of dates after you have recently broken up with someone can be really tough. It is a great idea to put your best food forward and get out there and meet some new guys – because they’re not all jerks, promise. But you are not going to be doing yourself any favours (and nor will your date appreciate it) if you harp on about your previous flames. If your ex is important to you, you can still reserve a place for him in your life, but keep the first date conversation firmly fixed on all the great things about your new prospective partner.

By dodging these first date bullets, you can be free to be your charming self and bag yourself a second date. Good luck!