Gay Dating: Why You Shouldn’t Go To Your Local Bar On a First Date

By: David |

guy at bar_lg
So, you have lined up a mantastic first date, and you need to make a great first impression while combating those first date nerves. The obvious choice is to tell your date to meet you in your local watering hole where the bartenders know your drink of choice, where you feel completely comfortable, and where you can down a few beverages to calm those nerves. But actually, choosing your local pub for a first date can be a bad idea, and here’s why.

You’ll get drunk and make a fool of yourself.
We’ve all done it. You feel a bit nervous so you switch from a single gin and tonic to a double, and before you know it you are slurring your words, splashing your beer over your date, and accidentally calling your date the name of your secret crush at work. Of course, alcohol can be great for letting those inhibitions go, but on a first date you might want to demonstrate some semblance of reserve. And although you might feel nervous, it’s important to know that you are entertaining, lovely and charming without a drink in your hand to succeed in the dating game.

You’ll bump into your friends.
Your local pub sounds like a great idea until you are tapped on the shoulder in the middle of your date, only to find that a group of your friends are sat at the next table, looking over your shoulder at your every move. One, this is going to be awkward for both you and your date, and two, it will majorly throw you off your moves. If you progress on to more dates, then is the time to introduce your new guy to your friends. But on first dates, friends are totally out of bounds.

He’ll think you’re a bore.
Yes, we all like an occasional pint. But suggesting a first meet up with a guy at a pub hardly screams originality. Remember that actions speak louder than words and if you suggest something boring for your first date, then your date is going to think you are a boring person too. You don’t have to arrange anything elaborate or plain silly like abseiling down the side of a building, but at least try to impress with something a little more original than a pint of lager and a packet of pork scratchings.

You won’t hear each other.
After work, your local pub or bar is going to be packed with people attempting to drown their work sorrows in lager, becoming increasingly raucous as the night progresses. On no first date should you have to shout at your prospective boyfriend to make yourself heard. If you must go to the pub, make a visit when it is quieter, but preferably just find somewhere that you can actually talk (and listen) to each other.

The pub has its place, but not on a first date. Instead, why not have a casual dinner, go to a late night museum opening, or invite your date to a simple but fun, old fashioned game of bowling?