15 Things Women Find Attractive About Men

By: Alicia Drewnicki |

Physical attraction is important, but there are many more things that women look for. After brainstorming with my girlfriends, here is a list of fifteen things we find attractive about men.

1) Good Sense of Humour
We’re not looking for a guy with a rubber face to rival Jim Carey who will act the clown all night and constantly reel off one-liners, but we really like somebody who doesn’t take life too seriously and can make us laugh. If you have a good sense of humour and we spend the evening laughing together, we’ll enjoy our time with you and want to see you more!

2) Generosity
It’s not necessarily the amount of cash in his wallet – it’s what he does with it. There is nothing more lovely than a guy who is willing to treat a lady of his own accord. If a guy is tight with money and takes us out for dinner but then gets his calculator out to work out who ate what, it’s not going to impress us. Generosity goes a long way, not just with money but with time too.

3) Remembering the Little Things
Many guys think that women talk too much, but it makes us incredibly happy when we realise you have actually listened to us and remembered the things we have told you. Whether it’s a place we want to visit, a type of food we want to try, something that has caught our eye in a shop window or even a detail about one of our friends – when you remember, it makes us smile.

4) Good Style/Grooming
They say you can tell a lot about a man by the shoes he wears – so remember that we’re observing, and bin those dodgy loafers with a hole in sole. Don’t be a scruffbag, dress sharply and have pride in your appearance. Clothes and grooming are both important – if you don’t make the effort for yourself, we’re not going to believe you’ll make effort in other aspects of your life.

5) Intelligence
A guy with a pretty face is nice to look at, but it soon gets boring if the conversation stops at “Alright Babe” and the guy has no worldly knowledge. Intelligence is sexy – so use it to your advantage! Tell us things we didn’t know before, talk about your interests and mesmerise us with your brains, not just your looks.

6) Confidence
There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, so be careful not to cross it! We like guys who can stand up for themselves and show some assertiveness, but when you start being cocky and you believe you’re superior to everyone, it becomes a major turn-off. So don’t brag, be humble and confidence will take you far!

7) Romance
Ah good old fashioned romance! We all daydream about our favourite scenes from chick flicks and wonder when a Ryan Gosling/Channing Tatum-esque Romeo is going to stroll into our lives. Cute gifts, thoughtful gestures, saying how you feel – we adore it all, so don’t be scared of being in touch with your softer, emotional side.

8) Fun-Loving Adventurous Nature
If a guy is fun, women are instantly attracted! The energy people emit when they are excited about life is extremely contagious! If you’re predictable, we are going to get bored easily, so be spontaneous and fun! We want a guy who we can enjoy life with, so adventurous boys, we’re coming to get you!

9) Good Family Values
When we eventually meet “Mr Right”, most of us hope to one day settle down and start a family. Seeing a guy who respects his parents and gets on with his family is definitely something we find attractive. If a guy shows kindness to the people around him, he will get it in return.

10) Chivalry
Chivalry isn’t dead but it can sometimes be hard to find. So to the true gentlemen out there – please put your hands up and make yourself known! We love it when you open doors, check we get home ok and plan romantic gestures. Don’t be afraid to act like a gentleman – it will go a long way.

11) Mystery
Don’t tell us everything on the first date – leave a bit of mystery. We love a guy who we can’t quite work out. Those moody smouldering eyes, the hidden secrets and a slightly coy nature makes us want to get to know you even more.

12) Making Effort with Our Friends
When relationships don’t work out, friends will always be there, so they should never be neglected. Our friends are important to us – so when a guy makes the effort the get to know them, it really impresses us. The last thing we want is friends and boyfriends to be enemies.

13) Hidden Talents
Hidden talents get us every time – whether it’s playing a musical instrument, having good athletic ability, being able to cook, paint or being the ultimate DIY pro. We find it attractive when guys have skills and passions in life and have worked hard to perfect their art, so if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

14) Trust
This one works both ways. We find it attractive when a guy is someone we can trust to be faithful and honest, but also when he is someone who trusts us and gives us the freedom to do whatever we want, without being needy or jealous.

15) Passion/Ambition
It’s really attractive when a guy has drive and sets himself big goals in life rather than just drifting along in a job he obviously dislikes (and moans constantly about). When a man has the confidence to take risks to achieve his dreams, it’s a very admirable trait.

So that’s it, fifteen things women find attractive about men. It’s not just about looks; having a kind heart, a sense of fun and being a good listener are all important qualities too. Life is about balance so if you have a mixture of all of these traits, you are well on the way to finding the girl of your dreams!