What Is It About An Athlete In Uniform That Drives Women Wild?

By: Elizabeth Marie |

As I sit here watching the Winter Olympics like I have every night for the past two weeks, mesmerized by sports some of which I didn’t even know existed last month, a few thoughts cross my mind

1. HOW do they do that?
2. WOW that skier/snowboarder/speed skater etc is really HOT.

While I’m sure there are lots of good looking athletes at the Olympics, it all comes down to one thing, doesn’t it? It’s the uniform. Women finding men in uniform attractive isn’t anything new, but my previous experience has been lusting over firemen or police officers…not skeleton competitors. Upon further thought though, it makes complete sense. Sure, the jobs of emergency workers and the captain of the bobsled team couldn’t be more different but just the sight of them in uniform is enough to get most women’s hearts beating a little bit faster. Uniform dating? We want it! And yep, even those curling uniforms work like a charm!

So just what is so attractive about an athlete in uniform?

1. It shows crazy dedication. You can’t just roll out of bed one day and declare yourself an Olympian. No, it takes years and years of hard work and dedication, of picking yourself up (literally) when you fall. It takes conviction and a promise to yourself that you just won’t give up. It also takes a bit of crazy abandon and obsession, as many Olympic athletes have had to endure horrible injuries and yet can’t wait to get back to practice simply because of how much they love their chosen sport. Many women can only imagine their significant other applying that much dedication to their relationship, and it is definitely swoon-worthy. Of course, dating should always be injury free, so we’ll go ahead and leave that part in Sochi.

2. It shows bravery. I don’t know about you, but most of these Winter Olympic sports freak me out! They are definitely extreme and I’m constantly gasping or hiding my eyes behind a pillow when I see someone about to fall or moving at insane speeds. Whether they’re flying through the air on a ski jump or flying down the track in a bobsled, these athletes seem to have no fear at all. Bravery is a quality that most women find devastatingly sexy. While throwing yourself in the air and doing multiple 360’s isn’t a requirement when dating, women appreciate when guys are brave in dating and love. So go ahead gents, ask for her number already!

3. It comes off. One of the main differences between lusting after Olympic athletes in uniform versus movie stars or other celebrities is that at the end of the day, the uniform comes off. I’m not talking about sexually (although, YES), I’m talking about how, when the standings have been posted, the medals distributed and the national anthem sung, that sexy speed skater or hockey player removes their uniform and is back to being just a regular guy. A regular, extremely talented and hard-working guy. What woman wouldn’t want a piece of that? The fact that the uniform comes off is humanizing, and makes the athlete seem more approachable. For example, Brad Pitt is always Brad Pitt, and therefore seems to be more of a dream-guy…but an Olympic athlete is more of the every-man and most women wish he was her-man.

Do you have a weakness for a man (or woman) in uniform? Would you ever be interested in uniform dating?