Mature Daters Won’t Get Intimate Until The Fifth Date!

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Mature daters have different needs, desires and experiences than their younger counterparts. We Love Dates Mature recently surveyed loads of their members who are over 50, revealing key trends among mature singles worldwide. The resulting infographic below reveals the truth about mature dating, from what qualities and characteristics over 50’s singles look for in a potential date, to whom should pay on a first date and yep, how many dates before intimacy can occur.

Some of the top facts from the IG:

  • Mature Daters are most drawn to a potential date’s smile!
  • Most Mature Daters don’t have sex until the fifth date.
  • However, when they do get intimate, 44% say it’s the best sex they’ve ever had!
  • When introducing a new partner to their inner circle, a staggering 77% refer to him or her as “just a friend.”

Check it out for more mature dating facts, it may surprise you!