How To Handle The Morning After

By: Elizabeth Marie |

Last night might have been the sexiest night of your life, but what happens the morning after…when you wake up in a strangers bed and wonder how the hell to get out as quickly and quietly as possible, avoiding all chances of an awkward encounter in the process…and no cuddling.

Hopefully, he or she isn’t awake yet. It’s time to sneak out!  Throw your clothes on and make sure you gather all your belongings.  Even if it’s not on purpose, if you leave something behind and have to come back for it later, it will look like you just wanted an excuse to see him again and besides that, it’s totally creepy.  Do not leave a trail behind you…it looks desperate.

Ladies,this might sound weird, but listen up-put your bra on.  I know, I know…what’s the point, right?  Let me tell you a little TMI story (hey, we’re all good friends, right)…I had to do the walk of shame once-well, actually, the drive of shame, and barely put any clothes on at all, thinking I was just going to run inside my house and jump back in bed…of course this is the morning I got pulled over by a police officer for speeding. Of course!

If he does happen to be awake, use your best judgement.  Do you have fun hanging out?  Does he seem to really want you to stay for pancakes and coffee?  If you have even an inkling of a feeling that he wants to be alone, or is a little freaked out by the prospect of having to talk to you, don’t push the issue…give him a hug, gather your crap and get out of there.  Keep the conversation light, and don’t try to rehash what happened the night before-never talk about feelings before 10am!

Go home, eat something greasy and sleep all day…only to do it over again that night.