5 Ways to Be Brave and Bold When Dating

By: Alicia Drewnicki |

Many of us hide behind dating hang-ups and find ourselves making the same mistakes over and over again. Stop! It’s time to turn over a new leaf, get over your insecurities and become fearless in your approach to dating. So if you’re single and ready to mingle, here are five ways you can be brave and bold in your dating escapades.

1) Take The Lead
If you being the one to initiate a date is about as likely as winning an arm wrestle against Mike Tyson – it’s time to stop worrying and give it a go! Even if it’s only once, why not take the lead and ask someone out? Girls are particularly guilty of sticking to the tradition of always waiting for a guy to suggest the first date. Sometimes it’s the quiet ones who are actually the hidden gems and the best partners, but many of us never end up dating them. Similarly guys often assume that girls aren’t interested, when instead, we’re just waiting for you to ask us out first. So if you’re interested in someone and neither of you have suggested a first date – what’s stopping you?

2) Plan Something Spontaneous
Sky Diving? Zorbing? Tap Dancing? Yoga? Speed Dating? A trip to Paris? To get something you’ve never had before, why not do something you’ve never done before? Whether it’s a new way of dating, a new hobby or perhaps visiting a country you’ve never been to before – just go for it! Life shouldn’t be predictable and if it is, no one else is to blame but yourself. Take advantage of airline promotions and book a spontaneous trip. Get out there, do new things and live for the moment! You never know who you might meet…

3) Stop Going Back to the Same Person
You’ll never meet the right person unless you let go of the wrong one. We’ve all had that fallback person who we go back to time and time again. Whether that person is an ex who is still in your good books or someone you’ve dated who never had the potential to be your boyfriend/girlfriend, it’s time to be brave and finally walk away. If things haven’t worked out – there’s a reason for it. There are over 7 billion people in the world, so why do you keep going back to the same one?

4) Confess Your Feelings
Is there one person who you’re absolutely crazy about but you just don’t have the courage to tell him/her? You’re probably thinking “ah but what if they don’t like me back” or “the rejection will be too mortifying”, but if you don’t know how they feel, you will always be left wondering. Best case scenario – they like you too and have been too shy to say so. Worst case scenario – you find out you’re in the “friendzone”, but at least you can move on and put an end to the perpetual what-ifs. The other person will find it hugely flattering to know you think so highly of them, whatever the scenario. So if you like someone – tell them and see what happens (unless they’re married and already in a relationship of course. If that’s the case, it’s probably best to keep quiet).

5) Stop Having A “Type”
If you’re a lady who has a thing for gym obsessed hunks with rippling muscles, why not mix it up and go for a modest computer geek whose six pack is waiting for him at home in the fridge? Similarly, if you’re a guy who will only date blondes – it might be time to ignite the fire with a hot redhead! People who say they have a “type” will find themselves stuck in a dating comfort zone where every new person fits the same mould as the last. There’s a reason why things didn’t work out with the last person you dated! If you have a fixed “type,” then for fun, try and go out with a guy/girl who is the complete opposite – they may just surprise you and show you what you’ve been missing out on!

So there you have it – five ways to be brave and bold when dating. Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in the same habits, but if you start doing things you’ve never done before, you might just find what you’ve been looking for.