10 Things Women Don’t Understand About Men

By: Alicia Drewnicki |


Women have been trying to demystify the male psyche for as long as we can remember, but time and time again, we find ourselves completely baffled.

Yes, we completely adore you, but here are 10 things men do that women will never be able to figure out.

1) Asking for Our Numbers but Having No Intention of Getting in Touch.
So…you ask for our phone numbers, but then do nothing with them. This doesn’t need any further comment other than three words – what’s the point?

2) Game Playing Tactics (such as “The Game,” and “The Three Day Rule”)
Boys, boys, boys – it’s so tiring trying to keep up with your mind games. Can you not just be honest with us?

For those of you who have read “The Game” and employ strategies such as “negging us” (a backhanded compliment to make us feel insecure and win us over) – we’d much prefer a genuine heartfelt compliment, especially now the secret’s out and these sort of tactics are very transparent to us.

As for dating strategies such as the “Three Day Rule” before getting in contact – is such a planned execution of communication really necessary? This isn’t a military operation. If you’ve had a good time with us, just tell us.

3) Guy Friends Who Overstep the Mark (We’re not being flirty, we’re being friendly!)
Guys and girls CAN just be friends – please don’t prove this theory wrong and creep us out. There’s nothing that screams out AWKWARD as much as when a good boy FRIEND takes the tactile behaviour the wrong way and decides to hit on you. We’re acting like that because we’re comfortable around you, in a brotherly/sisterly 100% platonic way, not because we fancy you.

Trust us, if we like you, the flirting signals will be clear, and we’ll probably drop some very obvious hints and say how we feel. If you’re left wondering, the best thing to do is to ask us straight out how we feel about you. We’re friends after all, so will be completely honest (and this will eliminate any confusion). Please don’t ever think the right approach is to start using “the creepy wandering hand” on us to see how we react.

4) Low V-Necks and Too Much Body Exposure
We already know you’re hot – so why are you wearing a deep V-Neck T-Shirt that is so low that it almost reveals a nipple?

Tight fitting, low-cut tops that are at least a couple of sizes too small should be reserved for Pamela Anderson, not you. If you’ve got a good body, we can already see that, so you really don’t need to expose yourself so obviously. Mystery is so much hotter. Also, flexing your muscles and those cringeworthy shirtless pouting mirror selfies, stop. Confidence is sexy, arrogance is not.

5) Mama Has The Final Say
Admittedly, we all applaud a guy who respects his mother, and many believe that you should look at how a guy behaves towards her and this will indicate the way he treats women in general. However, when a guy is too reliant on his Mum, to such an extreme that he’s dominated by her even though he’s married/in a relationship…frankly it’s too much. Your mother certainly shouldn’t be dictating your life after you’ve flown the nest.

6) Cheating – and with HER?
I’m certainly not saying that every member of the female population is innocent, but why is it that guys will more often resort to the cowardly approach of cheating instead of saying they’re unhappy and ending their relationship? Also – why is it that guys often have stunning wonderful girlfriends, and decide to cheat with someone who is the polar opposite?

7) Man Flu
Man Flu? Man Up!You can post links to theories online that back up your claims of “Man Flu” being more intense than a woman’s equivalent, but seriously? Why do men transform into helpless children when they are ill?

8) Not Realising When Something Is Wrong
To every man on the planet – here’s a secret you should already know: women speak in code, and most of the time we mean the opposite of what we’re really saying. Yes we have unrealistic expectations that you should be able to decode our words (just like we can with other girls). So why do you find it so difficult to understand us?

Perhaps you think that women are crazy, confusing and impossible to understand? Maybe, but you just need to realise that it’s all about tone of voice and mood rather than the words themselves. When we say we’re “fine,” most of the time it means we’re really not fine. If we say, “ok leave then,” it means “you better not think about leaving.”

When we say “nothing’s wrong,” it often means everything is wrong and you should know about it without us having to explain it.

Also – when we’re upset, we expect you to know how to comfort us, and understand why we’re upset, without us having to tell you how to make the situation better. Don’t ever just go quiet – instead, talk to us, cuddle us and use your affection to make us happy again.

We promise we’re not trying to do some crazy reverse psychology on you or trying to mess with your minds, us ladies just have our own unique way of communicating.

9) The Hot and Cold Treatment
This is something that women discuss time and time again. We’ve all met the “hot and cold guy” – someone who gets close to you, then pulls away, then gets close again, then continues with this yo-yo pattern of behaviour.

We will never understand how one minute a guy can seem completely infatuated and the next minute he disappears and is ice cold. No middle ground and no explanation. Why?

If a guy wasn’t that into us in the first place, why string us along?

10) Not Asking for Directions/Help
“How do I get to…[blank]?” said no man, ever. When a man is lost and there are people around to help, he would rather waste time finding his own way (even if it means going in the wrong direction first) rather than admitting defeat.

Women will never understand why men are so stubborn when it comes to asking for help. We won’t think any less of you and we’ll actually be glad to arrive at the destination quicker!

So that’s it – 10 things women don’t understand about men. There’s no doubt about it – women and men think completely differently and perhaps we really are from different planets.There are of course exceptions to the rules and we realise that not every guy displays ALL of these behaviours, otherwise we’d be stuck in a world full of tight T-Shirt wearing, game playing, Mama’s boys.

There’s no denying that us women are equally confusing though, so if you’re a guy reading this, please feel free to express your views and tell us – what are the top things that you really don’t understand about women?