Five Facts That Will Change How You See Online Dating

By: Josie |

Whether you’re new to the world of online dating or you’re a dab hand and certified pro, the whole process can be a minefield to navigate. To show you that you’re not alone (and to give you some insider knowledge to help you out!), here are five crazy facts about finding that elusive perfect online date that might just change how you see things.

Women are Pickier than Men

When it comes to picking out potential dates, a recent Pew research study found that women are way pickier than their male counterparts are. This is even true later in life, when the ratio of single women to single men is leaning in the men’s favour. It’s been suggested that this is because women are prepared to wait to find their ideal lover, even if it means taking their time and kissing a few frogs first as the saying goes. Men on the other hand are slightly more likely (in general!) to settle for less than their ideal woman, simply in the name of having someone to call their own.

Take action: Just remember to be aware of this and perhaps give someone a chance that you wouldn’t normally!

Men like youth, women like money

Interestingly, the same study deals a further blow to the pride of male online daters, suggesting that they are much more likely to prioritise youth and good looks over personality. Women don’t escape with the halo just yet though, since the study suggests that they’re guilty of choosing an online dating partner based on the merits of financial security. These choices could be innocently explained away with evolution: it’s natural that a girl seeks security, while a man looks for, in scientific terms, optimum reproductive compatibility.

Take action: Don’t judge online daters by their credentials alone and remember that there’s a personality behind the facts.

Do opposites attract?

Although for our whole dating lives, we’ve always been told that opposites attract, it’s fair to say that indeed the opposite might be true. When looking at online dating statistics, both men and women are most likely to date within their own age bracket, race, religion and political group. What’s more, we look for similarities in our life choices too, such as smokers sticking with smokers and childless singles opting for those in the same situation. This might just be a sort of natural vetting process for later on in a relationship, when differences between beliefs, ambitions or attitudes can be enough to make or break a relationship.

Take action: Decide whether you want to follow the rules or purposely seek out someone that’s outside of your comfort zone.

Time Will Tell

Every relationship is different and you can’t really put a time and date on each milestone that you’re going to reach together. However, a recent study from dating expert Lisa Daily attempts to roughly do just this, giving us all an idea of what’s going on in other people’s online dating love lives. According to her study, most couples will begin to consider themselves ‘exclusive’ after at 6 to 8 dates in – so that’s when you should probably pull your online profile down. The same study also claims that men can know as early as three dates in whether they’re falling for a woman, whereas us females take a hell of a lot longer to decide if he’s the one…at date 14!

Take action: Don’t measure up your date against other people’s, just decided for yourself and take dating at your own pace.

Photo Power

British newspaper, The Daily Mail recently reported on a study that showed the true power of your online dating profile photo. According to them, women get 60% more action in their inbox if their photo is taken indoors (apparently it shows our homely side) whereas men get 19% more if theirs is taken outside (showing their manly, adventurous side).

Take action: Get the tripod at the ready because a full-length photo will see an incredible 203% increase for both sexes, presumably because it’s leaving you with nothing to hide. However, step away from the selfie because men get 8% less interest from women who consider them vain.

So there you have it, five online dating facts that may just help you to find that elusive dream date.

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