14 Dating Rules Every Girl Should Stick to in 2014

By: Alicia Drewnicki |

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Dating should be exhilarating, spontaneous and most importantly, fun. We’ve all made dating mistakes or fallen for the wrong type of guy, so here are 14 rules to help you on your quest to find Mr Right this year.

1) Don’t let a man’s good looks hide an ugly personality.

Good looks may get your attention initially but it’s personality that will hold on to your heart. Be honest with yourself about whether you’re falling for a guy simply because you’re physically attracted to him. Don’t let Mr Handsome’s chiselled features camouflage the imperfections in the way he treats you. A bad personality can quickly ruin a beautiful face.

2) Don’t make a man your priority if he only makes you an option.

You deserve to be his “one and only,” not his “one of many.” You may have fallen head over heels for a man, but if he isn’t reciprocating and there’s a hint that you’re one of many – be strong and walk away.

3) Cover up and be classy. Being a mystery is much sexier than leaving nothing to the imagination.

A girl can never be too classy and ladylike. Revealing as much flesh as possible is definitely not the way to keep a man’s attention (and respect). If you’re stuck on what to wear – never forget the secret weapon that is the little black dress. As Marilyn Monroe once said: “Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to show you’re a lady.”

4) Don’t stereotype men and think they’re ALL the same.

Your exes may have shared similar traits, but this doesn’t mean that every man is the same. Don’t automatically think the worst of the men you date. Try and turn negative past experiences into positives – if you have dated lots of bad men, it will make you more thankful for the good ones that come along.

5) Always remember – if he wants to, he will.

If a man wants you, nothing will keep him away and he’ll be willing to jump every hurdle to show you that. It shouldn’t matter if he has a busy work schedule or if there’s distance between you, where there’s a will, there’s a way. If he’s making excuses and isn’t prepared to find a way around the obstacles, he’s not worth your time.

6)Don’t have unrealistic expectations of a fairytale romance.

Oh Ryan Gosling – you’ve certainly set the bar high for men all around the world! Yes us girls secretly hope for a romance like The Notebook, but we do also have to remember that chick flicks (sadly) aren’t real life. Don’t turn down a decent guy just because he doesn’t confess his undying love in a hand-written letter or turn up at your door with roses. Romance isn’t dead, but it’s time to be realistic and remember most guys aren’t going to live up to the leading male in your favourite Rom-Com.

7) Don’t fall for a man who isn’t ready to catch you.

You deserve a man who appreciates you, not one who plays with your heart. Before you fully commit to being in a relationship, be sure that he is 100% committed too, and can give you everything you’re want and need.

8) When you get into a relationship, don’t ever forget about your friends.

Your friends were there before the relationship, and if it doesn’t last, they will certainly be there when it ends! Don’t neglect your friends just because you’re obsessed with a new man and always LISTEN to their advice, even if it’s not what you want to hear.

9) Don’t keep running back to that one man who you know you should stay away from.

Every girl has been in this situation – there’s that one guy who you just can’t resist, and you’re most likely to go back to him when there’s no one else around to capture your attention. Don’t be blinded by a man who has hurt you in the past or make excuses for his bad behaviour. It’s not acceptable and you deserve so much more.

10) If you love somebody, tell them.

Life will pass you by quicker than you realise, and before you know it you’ll be thinking back about “the one that got away.” If you love somebody, tell them, otherwise be prepared to watch them be loved by someone else and always wonder “what if.” It is better to be disappointed than to always wonder if they felt the same.

11) Don’t trust someone who lies to you…or lie to someone who trusts you.

Trust is the fundamental element of any relationship. Whether that’s a friendship or a relationship with a partner – without trust, it’s doomed. If somebody lies to you, remain cautious and never let your guard down. At the same time – remember, you get what you give, so always be honest with others if that’s what you expect in return.

12) Never let a man define who you are – be amazing in your own right.

You should never feel that you need a man to complete you – a relationship should enhance your life, not define it. Always remember that the best relationships consist of two independent individuals who complement each other rather than two individuals who become co-dependent.

Don’t ever lose the unique characteristics that made your guy fall in love with you in the first place. If a man tries to change you – he’s not the right one for you. You shouldn’t have to try and become what someone else wants you to be.

13) Don’t date men who are unavailable.

This includes those who are married, in relationships, serial womanisers or mixed-messages type of men. Why date a man with complications who won’t fully commit to you when there are plenty of men out there who will? Never steal another girl’s man – if he cheated with you, then he’s highly likely to cheat on you!

14) Stop looking! Focus on enjoying life and doing the things that you love.

The moment you stop looking for something is when you’ll find what you’re looking for, and this definitely applies to love. You should focus on fulfilling your passions in life, not searching for a man. Don’t base your happiness on being in a relationship, instead start doing the things you love…and love will surprise you.

So be patient, stay positive and everything else will fall into place…

Image courtesy of Alicia Drewnicki