7 Bad Dating Habits to Ditch in 2014

By: Jessica Dante |


Is it too early to start thinking about the New Year?

….I don’t think so.

A new year is a turning point– it may in reality just be another day come and gone, but it’s a symbolic time of year for a reason– we all need a chance to start fresh and turn over a new leaf. So while your friends may be vowing to quit smoking or eating sweets, why don’t you ditch some bad habits that are hurting your dating life? Try leaving these ten behind in 2014 and you may find your love life start to turn around.

1. Over-thinking it

This is a common habit in dating. How many times have you received a text message from your significant other, only to read it over fifteen times as you try to decipher what it “really means”? It’s not a healthy way to grow a relationship. Instead of reading into every message he sends, pick up the phone and ask him what he’s actually thinking.

2. Being too picky

If you’re having trouble finding ANYONE that you’d be willing to even possibly date long-term, you may be too picky. Having standards is a good thing, but dismissing potential mates because they don’t exactly fit your laundry list of must-haves means that you’ll miss out on getting to know some awesome people. So keep an open mind and give it a chance, you may find that you’re compatible with a certain type that you originally didn’t think you were.

3. Not being picky enough

This one is for those of you who always find yourselves dating people that you have nothing in common with or that don’t treat you like you deserve. You put up with boring conversations, a lack of respect, and much more. Why not get into a habit of building up your standards for 2014?

4. Dating people you meet at bars

Ugh. Please don’t. When you meet someone for the first time at a bar, you aren’t meeting the real them. Alcohol can give cowards confidence and make jerks seem charming. Not to mention that dim bar lighting makes everyone look better than they do in the daylight. So if you’re wondering why your post-bar coffee dates never seem to work out, that’s probably why.

5. Thinking that online dating is a last resort

Believing that online dating as something for people with no other options is SUCH an antiquated mindset. In a world where both men and woman work and where divorce is on the rise, leaving parents to raise their kids on their own, online dating is almost a necessity. It helps to weed out the “bad seeds” and to find potential (quality) partners without having to do more than fill out a personal profile.

6. Getting intimate before exclusivity

You may think that the guy or girl that you’ve now been on a few dates with cares about you enough not to hurt you, but until you are dating only each other, hold off on getting too intimate. Getting frisky too early on can not only give off the wrong impression of your intentions but will also complicate a newly budding relationship. Whether you chose to believe it or not, seeing someone naked can make things really awkward later on…

7. Letting your friends influence your dating habits

While your friends usually have your best interests in mind, I recommend taking their dating advice with a grain of salt. They may think they know what they’re talking about when it comes to men/women, but the truth is that no one knows the situation you are in better than you. If you think rationally, you’ll make the right decisions on your own when it comes to dating. So when your friends tell you to ditch your date so you can hang with them at the bar, follow that gut feeling that you should let them down just this one time.

What dating habits do you plan on ditching in 2014? We want to hear them– let us know in the comments!