Does Technology Help or Hurt a Relationship?

By: Jessica Dante |

Technology is such a huge part of our lives these days, so much that we can’t imagine ourselves without our smartphones, iPads and Twitter. It’s even crazy to think that just ten years ago, Facebook didn’t even exist! But technology is so influential on our day to day lives that it has a huge effect on our relationships– both positive and negative.

How technology helps a relationship:

You can be together without actually being together
Skype is a beautiful thing. If you’re in a long distance relationship or are apart from you significant other often due to work or other reasons, technology can help make the distance between you feel much smaller. Long distance relationships are much more common than they were ten years ago because video chat, mobile email, and iMessage exist.

It helps you stay updated on each other’s lives
You can do everything with your phone these days– send photos and videos, text internationally, and much more. Whether you’re loads of miles away or just down the road from each other, you can both stay updated on what’s happening in each other’s day with just a quick text or photo.

How it can hurt a relationship:

It provides chances for things to be misconstrued
Not much is as it seems online. From statuses to photos to comments, it’s easy for anything you see online to be misconstrued and interpreted as something that its not. This could lead to hurt or jealousy, and it’s the moments when this happens that can put a strain on any relationship.

It can interfere with alone time
There’s no denying that we all rely on technology in social situations. How many times have you found yourself flicking through your phone while watching a movie with your partner? Having so much information so easily at your fingertips sometimes causes us to forget to live in the moment and pay attention to the people who are actually in front of you and that you’re meant to be spending time with.

It can give you false courage
When you’re texting or messaging someone, it’s common to suddenly have the courage to say things you wouldn’t normally say to them. This can hurt a relationship because you’re more likely to say something hurtful or that you don’t actually mean than if you were speaking one-on-one.

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