Five 90’s TV Couples I Learned Lessons from Growing Up

By: Kevin Murray |

Peg and Al Bundy – Married with Children


At some point in a long-term relationship the sex is going to get stale and there’s not too much you can really do about it. Sure you can get some toys and spice things up – you’ve seen this movie a hundred times though. It’s your favorite, but predictable.

Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper – The Wonder Years


Relationships when you’re young are absolutely pointless. How long did these two date on and off for, like 8 years? He gives his heart to her and the little bitch gets all cozy with Eddie Pinetti, the biggest douche-bag In Robert F. Kennedy Junior High. Please. And what’s even the point of all this if you’re not getting laid? My man had a harder time scoring than his beloved New York Jets offense. Although, if I knew Winnie Cooper was going to bring heat like this someday, I would’ve endured an entire childhood’s worth of blue balls too.

Jesse and Becky Katsopolis – Full House


Have a creepy Elvis obsession? No problem. We all have our vices and our partner needs to deal with them. Seeing auntie Becky tolerate her mans love affair with “The King” gives me hope that someday a woman will be able to handle my Boston sports obsession and man crush on former Patriots QB Drew Bledsoe. We’re a package deal ladies.

Rosanne and Dan Conner – Rosanne


This relationship was full of laughs, love and epic blow up fights. Nothing says family TV like a screaming match about how to raise the kids right? The biggest lesson to learn from this sitcom is that women always have the final say and they’re the boss of the relationship. You say something stupid, you get a frying pan to the side of your dome. There’s only one sheriff in this house and that sheriff has a vagina.

According to this show, domestic violence was pretty cool during the 90’s huh?

The Dylan, Brenda and Kelly Love Triangle – 90210


Women love bad-boys, they can’t help themselves. Dylan loved him some Dylan, lived life on the edge and had a “I don’t give a crap” attitude – Brenda and Kelly ate that shit up. Many men took shots at them over the years and all they could ever think about was Dylan McKay.

P.S. Shut up Superman, no one wants to sit down and chat. 90210 is the big leagues bro, not some after school special.